The Complete Guide to Flying Private For Business

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If you are a businessperson, you know that time is a vital element for the successful run of any business, especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flying private for a business trip is an effective way of protecting yourself from contracting the virus. 

Compared to regular flights, using a charter flight can be pretty expensive but quite convenient in saving money and time compared to if you fly business class. 

This ultimate guide will help you choose the right private chartered flight for your business. 

Who Can Fly a Private Jet

Private flights are not secluded to a specific group of people. Most groups that use private chartered flights are:

Small Business

Most small businesses use private flights as an accessible means for travel for business use. But, as the companies grow, the demand for private flights gets to reduce. 

Fortune 500 Companies

By definition, Fortune 500 companies are those that record-high revenues and profit in their business. Most CEOs and such companies opt for private flights due to the flights’ accord’s convenience, safety, and privacy.

A significant benefit that private flights offer these companies is saving on time. You can have your meeting in the morning and jet back home to have dinner with your family.

US Government Agencies

Most government agencies need discretion when traveling. Private flights offer high privacy levels to accommodate most VIPs.

The fact that you can drive on the tarmac to your plane and also avoid the hustle of waiting in line for security screening is a factor that most government agencies prefer. 

Luxurious and Adventurous Vacationers

The holidays are around the corner, and what better way to arrive at your vacation destination than through a private chartered flight. You don’t have to worry about missing your connecting flight. With a private flight, you get to save on time and arrive at your vacation early.

Why Fly Private

A common notion that people attach to flying private is the luxury that comes with it. Most people believe flying private is for celebrities who want to flaunt their luxurious lifestyle—quite the contrary.

If you can save time in the business sphere, you can accommodate other business activities into your schedule.

Regular flights serve the same purpose of getting you to your destination. But, factors such as delays can make you run late for your urgent meeting. 

Besides, the check-in factor of regular flights may result in you spending more time in the airport. But, at the same time, you could use that time to prepare for your business meeting.

The following are more reasons why you should consider flying private.


When attending an important meeting, adequate preparation is always essential. A private chartered flight gives you enough privacy to rehearse your presentation or discuss confidential matters with your team.

You can also host a series of meetings while onboard the plane with no fear of people listening to your conversations. For celebrities and government officials, flying private is an effective way of keeping away the paparazzi.


Private planes are safer than commercial planes but not in the accident or incident type of way. Besides, in the age of coronavirus, private planes offer a more isolated option. 

This ensures minimal interaction with airport staff and passengers. The primary association of private flights aside from luxury is health and safety. 

Besides, as the COVID-19 restrictions on movement continue to get relaxed in most countries. As a result, passengers are now crowding airports instead of staying home or using other means of travel.

Flying private guarantees your safety in the following ways:

Limited People Allowed Onboard

With a private charter flight, you can control the number of people you allow into your flight. Unfortunately, few people are allowed in the airline hence limiting your interaction with strangers.

Seating in commercial flights is controlled by the passengers or the organization paying for the flight. But, for a private plane, you have absolute control over who you travel with.

Clean Air

Most private jets contain air filters that will guarantee clean and fresh air, thus reducing the chances of the virus spreading.

Different Terminals

Private planes use a different terminal for boarding and off-boarding, which means minimal interaction with people. These terminals are also known as fixed-based operators. Unlike commercial airlines that have gates, private airlines have terminals that lead out to private lounges.

Some airlines provide the option of passengers driving up to the plane instead of using the terminal access route.

Access to Smaller Airports

Private planes have the advantage of navigating through different route networks and landing on any airport that can accommodate the aircraft. In comparison, commercial airlines are restricted to their routes and can’t land at any airport,

Smaller airports are conveniently located next to cities and towns, saving you the driving distance to your destination.

No Security Screenings

This is by far the most convenient and safe advantage that a private jet charter offers. With no screening, you get to avoid touchpoints such as walking through the scanner barefoot or waiting in long crowded lines. 

But, some airports, such as the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, may need private flyers to undergo a security screening. 

Less Hassle with Customs

Instead of accessing a customs office flocked with passengers from different places. Private flyers benefit from custom inspection in a private office, or the officers may opt to board the flight for inspection.

No Need For Check-Ins

Flying private for business means you don’t have to check-in for your flight, and neither do you need a boarding pass.

Instead, the flight’s pilot or an attendant will screen your documents as you load to ensure the credentials in the booking match.

Simple Baggage Handling

Flying private means a handful of people handle your loads. The line service technician will hand your bag to the pilot for stowage as you arrive at the airport.

This minimizes interaction of your baggage with many people promoting the safety of your luggage. Besides, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage at the airport when flying private.

Control Over Your Schedule

Flying private also means that you don’t have to worry about running late for your flight. Instead, you can schedule an appropriate time that suits you. 

Quick and Convenient Boarding Process

Flying private accords you with the benefit of skipping the entire boarding process and even driving straight to the tarmac. As a result, you don’t have to go through the hassle of screening or waiting in line for a security check.

Luxurious Dining

With a private flight, you are in control of what you eat. The flight attendants are always ready to cater to your dining needs. Also, unlike commercial flights where the option of meals is limited, you can request beforehand for the specific dinner you need with a private getaway.

Most airlines have professional chefs on board to whip you up a fancy meal that will meet your cravings.

Choice of Aircraft

Another benefit of flying private is choosing the type of aircraft you would want. For example, do you want a spacious plane with enough legroom, or are you looking for a small aircraft to accommodate you and a few of your team members?

It is vital to select a private flight provider with a range of jets that you can choose from.


If you desire a luxurious touch, private flights give the benefits of providing a range of amenities to guarantee comfort onboard. For example, some jets contain luxurious private bedrooms, full-sized toilets, a kitchen, and entertainment areas.

You can choose a private jet that has a functional design to suit your preferences.

Common Myths About Flying Private

Certain myths surround flying privately. Therefore, it is essential to have the necessary and truthful information when scouting for private travel. 

It’s For the Rich and Famous

Reality TV and modern-day music videos have created the outlook that flying private is meant for the rich and famous—quite the contrary. Flying private is not as expensive as most people believe. But, when you factor in flying commercial, it may be more costly than flying private.

For instance, flying commercial means paying for accommodation and transfers to the hotel or office from the airport. Secondly, since commercial airlines can experience delays, you may end up paying more money for allowances to your team members.

Destination Is Limited

Contrary to popular belief, flying private does not limit you destination-wise. But, private flights are more flexible in their routes and destination points.

If your destination is close to an open field or a small airport, a private flight will maneuver to the area saving you time and money on transfers.

On the other hand, commercial flights are restricted in the route networks and can only fly from one major airport to another.

Flying Commercial Is Faster Than Private

Private jets fly at the same speed compared to commercial airline aircraft. But, airplanes with turboprops tend to fly at a relatively slower rate compared to airline jets. 

The speed aspect of flying private comes in the sense that it saves on time. For example, the lack of check-ins and inspections saves you time. Besides, scheduling your flight allows you to finish your tasks or pending activity before boarding your flight.

Same Level of Comfort

Some people believe that flying business class or first class in commercial flights accords the same comfort level as flying private. But, the experience of flying private is unparalleled to flying commercial.

Private flyers get to enjoy a wide array of meal selections tailor-made to suit their palate, for starters. The flight also features expansive legroom, reclining comfortable seats, and an endless supply of champagne.

What To Consider When Choosing Companies for Private Flights

Many private companies are offering private flight services. Thus, it is essential to have a clear criterion for choosing the best aircraft for you.


A company that regards safety as a priority will always have the necessary documents and licenses for their plane. You can request certifications and proof of training when booking your flight to ensure the company is licensed to operate.


An easy way of telling an airline’s credibility is through its reputation and client feedback. Stay away from airlines that have a repeat history of accidents or poor clientele management.

You can inquire from your colleagues or business associates what airline they would recommend.

Alternatively, a quick search on the internet can reveal the airline’s reputation. This step is essential so that you don’t risk your safety.

Aircraft Options

People have different preferences. One aircraft alone in an airline is not enough to meet the needs of other clients. Choosing an airline that offers a plethora of options gives you the benefit of finding a plane that suits your needs. 

You can share your list of preferences with the airlines to determine whether they can accommodate your travel needs.

Aircraft Availability

The benefit of private airlines is that it is not time-bound. Private airlines should work around your schedule and not the other way round. This flexibility is what sets private flights apart from commercial airlines.

You should ensure that your choice of carrier provides this benefit so that you don’t end up paying more.


Despite the common notion of flying private being expensive, you can find a jet within your budget. Working with a flight broker or an agency service can help you narrow down on private flights that are within your company’s budget.

Extra Services

A significant perk for private jets is the extra services they offer, such as helping with hotel accommodations, dinner reservations, or offering services for your special occasion. 

Get Started With Flying Private

A simple search on the internet will give you plenty of options to choose from. But, working with a broker can help you narrow down your search to find a suitable jet for your needs. 

At Republic Jet Center, we provide a variety of options to clients opting for private jet rental.

Visit us today for excellent customer service and experience when flying private.

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