How to Get a Private Jet at a New York Airport

Commercial flights cover the majority of air traffic. Over 34,000 flights were recorded just for January of 2020 at JFK airport, with millions of people making their way through the crowded terminals. Isn’t there an easier way to get from one place to the other? In fact, there is. Hiring a private jet is not […]

What to Expect When Using FBO Services in New York

op-notch FBO services in New York will give you access to the services you need for smooth flying. A fixed-base operator (FBO) will provide you with all the services you need for a charter in New York—and in one convenient location. An FBO is completely independent of New York airports. However, it maintains an operation […]

How to Find the Best FBO Airport in New York

Are you thinking about using FBO in New York? If so, this guide will walk you through how to choose the best FBO to suit your needs You’ve been in a holding pattern above Tetoboro for so long that your adrenaline is pumping and your eyes dart back and forth obsessively at the fuel gauge. […]

5 Things You Need Before You Buy an Airplane

When searching for the right airplane there are a few things that you need. Are you in the market to buy an airplane and wondering how you can ensure that you’re making the best decision? Read on and we’ll tell you what you need. 1. Decide on a Budget When making any purchase, you know […]

4 Crucial Aspects of Airplane Maintenance

hen business jets can range from used under $1 million to new super-jets at $99 million, you want to make sure your investment is in top shape. After all, cracking your windshield in a car and paying about $120 is different than paying between $45,000 to $70,000—that’s more than 400 times the cost! It begs the […]

Why Having Hangar Space Is Important in the Up-Keep of Your Aircraft

Republic Jet Center Hangar Space | Republic Airport | KFRG Farmingdale, New York

In the United States, there are 34,200 experimental lightcraft, 167,100 fixed-wing general aviation aircraft, with a total of 5,000 aircraft in the sky during peak operational times. Where are all these airplanes located when not in the air? In just the commercial fleet alone there was a total of 7,356 aircraft in 2018. It is […]

Republic Jet Center: The Best of The Best FBO Airports

FBO Airports: What Are We? We’re Republic Jet Center, a fixed base operator (FBO) that’s been granted the right by an airport authority to provide private jet facilities and aviation services, such as parking and hangar space and fuel to the General Aviation community. Republic Jet Center is based at Republic Airport on Long Island, […]

7 Facts About Flying on Private Jets

Flying on a private jet is a great way to travel in style. Here are 7 facts that you might not know about private air travel. The United States makes up 49.7% of the world’s market for private jets. If you don’t like going through long security lines, removing your shoes, and cramming into a […]

7 Situations Where You Should Hire a Private Jet

You don’t need to be a rockstar or a CEO to travel in style. Here are 7 situations where you could consider hiring a private jet. Have you had situations in the past where you’ve needed a private jet? Are you wondering if it’s a better option than just booking a seat on a commercial […]

Flying Private: Tips for First Time Flyers

Flying in a private plane is a completely different experience from a traditional public flight. We can help you understand what to expect on your journey. Did you know that 44,000 flights are handled by the FAA every day? That’s a tremendous number of people in the sky at any given moment. It’s no secret […]