Top 5 Reasons for Chartering a Plane (and How to Make it Cost Effective).

Did you know that the private business aviation and FBO services market are currently contributing $150 billion every year to the American economy? Chartering a plane has become a more popular option for travel than ever before. And it doesn’t have to be as pricey or costly as you may believe.  If you’re looking for a way […]

RJC Announces New Portable Air Start Unit for Use by NY Area Aviation

Republic Jet Center FBO (RJC) at Republic Airport in Farmingdale Airport announced today the start of its new portable Air Start Unit service. RJC is the only FBO on Long Island to have procured an Air Start Unit. With a commitment to client and crew care, RJC is now offering the unit for service and rental […]

Republic Jet center Announces New Leadership Team 

FARMINGDALE, NY – July 28, 2022 – Republic Jet Center, the leading provider of luxury private aircraft services at Republic Airport announced that Garry Madolid, former Vice President and General Manager of the company, has been promoted to President of FBO Services. Bill Sivori, formerly of Talon Air, will take over as VP and GM. […]

The Importance of Aircraft Maintenance Services

aircraft maintenance Republic Jet Center

Did you know that airplanes need check ups just like us? In fact they are on a schedule. Aircraft maintenance is usually performed every 18 months to six years. This depends on the type of aircraft and how often it’s used. Preventative maintenance however takes place at least every 25 hours of flying time. Aircrafts […]

What Are the Benefits of FBO Services?

FBO private Plane FBO Services Republic Jet Center

Did you know that the popularity of private business aviation and FBO services are booming in the United States? It’s currently contributing $150 billion every year to the American economy. If you’re not familiar with the term “FBO,” it stands for Fixed Base Operator. An FBO is a company that provides fuel, ground handling, and […]

9 Common Myths About Flying by Private Jet

flying private jets

While anyone who loves air travel will tell you there are more than a few reasons to fly wherever you go, any type of flight is going to cost you money.  For many, that means they fly commercially, while others prefer flying private jets wherever they go. Unfortunately, most people believe many myths surrounding private plans […]

Top 8 Most Popular Private Jets

Whether you’re looking to buy a private plane or getting ready for your first private flight, check out these eight most popular private jets in use. Sparked by a need for safer travel during 2020, the private jet industry is still flying high, with record sales and inventories at an all-time low. Business jet activity […]

Your Hangar Rental Cost Guide to Storing a Plane

If you are looking to buy, rent or operate or own a jet, knowing how to store it is crucial. We take a look at your hangar rental cost. The $40 billion private jet industry is set to grow at an unprecedented rate of 5.22% per annum.  Are you considering getting on board with this ongoing boom in private […]

Business Benefits: Why Choose Private Air Travel

Private air travel private plan Republic Jet Center FBO

As more workers return to in-person meetings and business travel picks up, more businesses are turning to private air travel. With the business world adjusting to the new, post-covid normal, more and more businesses are turning to private air travel. With the easing of travel restrictions and the return to face-to-face meetings, business travel is booming again. […]

What You Should Know Before Flying Privately

Ask anyone who flies regularly. It’s not the flying, it’s all the stress and aggravation that goes along with it. It starts with finding a parking space, then making it through security. Next comes waiting for your turn to board, then finding room for your carry-on. And it doesn’t stop onboard. Your plane’s delayed for […]