9 Common Myths About Flying by Private Jet

flying private jets

While anyone who loves air travel will tell you there are more than a few reasons to fly wherever you go, any type of flight is going to cost you money. 

For many, that means they fly commercially, while others prefer flying private jets wherever they go. Unfortunately, most people believe many myths surrounding private plans and flying private.

Myths such as flying private are only for the super-rich, and flying private is aggravating and less safe than flying commercially, making private travel something few even dream of. 

However, with the advent of Covid-19, the resulting lockdowns, and impacts that ensued, private jets are making a strong showing as an alternative to the hectic, often miserable experience, of commercial flights and many people are looking to give private travel a try.

But what about those many myths about private jets? Aren’t those “facts” something to be concerned about? The answer is no. Follow us as we dispel a few of the most common myths surrounding flying private jets today. 

Myth 1: Booking a Commerical Flight Is Easier

There are so many options for private jets today that it’s surprising this myth even holds any water, but it does. If you’ve never chartered a private jet, then it may seem that it’s more difficult than booking a commercial flight. However, that’s only because you’re used to doing it one way, and it could be hard doing it another. 

Anyone who flies regularly already knows that booking a commercial flight can be a huge hassle, so figure booking a private flight will be much worse. 

Most private jet companies have a dedicated team committed to making booking your flight on their jets seamless and easy. In fact, you’ll probably know much more about your flight than you would if booking commercially. The agent for a private flight handles everything for you, so you don’t have to. 

Myth 2: Flying Private is only for the wealthy

This seems to be the number one myth out there about private jets. While at one time, only the super-rich could afford to fly privately, that’s no longer true. While it’s true that private jets are often associated with the societies elites, there are more alternatives that more than ever can make flying privately for more people in today’s modern world. 

In fact, in many cases, you can book a private jet for the same price as a commercial flight. This is, of course, according to the company you go through, as every private company has different prices. It’s best to shop around, just as you do when booking a commercial flight, for the best prices and the best results. 

Also, there are a lot of amenities to flying private that you wouldn’t get with a commercial airline, so that’s something to think about as well. As with anything else to do with booking a flight, it’s best to weigh your pros and cons, do your research, and compare rates before making a final decision on which private jet company to use. 

Myth 3: Private Flights is less safe

Although the private sector isn’t as well-known as the commercial sector is, that doesn’t mean that flying in a private jet is any less safe. It’s essential to remember that strict guidelines apply to all sectors of flight, whether it’s private or commercial, so private companies have to follow the safety rules as well. 

Private jets are also monitored strictly to ensure they are safe for passengers to get on and fly. With that being said, you need to ask some questions and pay attention to some reviews when choosing a private company to fly with. Questions such as is the operator of the plane credible and is the flight safe to take are some questions to consider when looking at reviews. 

In short, you’re just as safe on a small jet as you are on a huge airplane, as with any other vehicle, the pilot and the shape of the plane are important to your safety and continued good health. Do your research well before choosing to get into any plane, whether it’s a big or a small one for the best results. 

Myth 4: Weather is more of a problem for private jets

Another myth about private jet travel is that bad weather means private flights are completely canceled, no matter what. While bad weather has an impact on any type of flight, the private sector has more flexibility in that department than commercial airlines do. The flexibility the private sector has includes the following.

  • Better choice of alternative routes that aren’t in the high-risk areas
  • Departing and arriving at smaller airports that aren’t having bad weather. 
  • Flying at lower altitudes

These are a few of the choices that private jets have that commercial airplanes don’t. However, you can rest assured that the pilot will do everything in their power to ensure you are safe, and they will not travel in weather that’s not fit or safe to travel in. Private jets are just able to get to places that commercial airliners cannot. 

Myth 5: Owning is the only way to have a Private Jet

Some people think that if you’re going to fly by private jet, it’s better to own your own jet than to rent one. They feel that it’s more cost-effective. This, of course, is a personal choice, but whether it’s cost-effective or not is debatable. 

For example, you have to keep your private jet in a hangar, so that’s going to cost you something, while if you rent a jet you’re saved that cost. Also, you’re responsible for any maintenance and upkeep on your own jet as well, whereas the rental company handles that if you rent one instead. The choice is yours on whether to rent a jet and have it come get you, or purchase one of your own. 

Besides, who can afford to purchase their own plane, keep it up, and have a place to store it when not in use? It’s better to rent one for most people, but the choice is still yours. 

Myth 6: Flying Private Jets Is Slower

You would think it would be a logical assumption that a small jet would fly slower than a huge airplane would, but that’s a myth as well. Not only do some private jets fly just as fast as commercial jets, but you also need to factor in a few other things as well. 

First, when you get to the airport, you’ll be able to go straight to a private terminal, instead of waiting with other passengers, which will save you time in the long run. 

Also, private jets have fewer passengers, which means faster boarding. Many private jets land at smaller airports also, which means you can get closer to your final destination than you would be able to on a commercial flight. 

These are just a few of the time-savers you’ll encounter when traveling by private jet. Not to mention, that some of the jets are just as fast as commercial jets as well. However, if you choose to fly by private jet, there are still a few things you need to know about flying privately, so do your research well. 

Myth 7: Private Jets have greater Environmental impact

All plane travel has some sort of negative impact on the environment. However, air transport has been shown to leave less of a carbon footprint than other forms of transport, such as long-haul trucking and other avenues. This means that other forms of transportation, including cars, could be worse for the environment than airplanes are, whether they are big or small. 

If you want to do your part to protect the environment and be more eco-friendly, then small aircraft leave a much lower carbon footprint than huge commercial aircraft do. 

So, while all forms of transportation have a negative impact on the environment, it seems that private jets may have the least. 

Myth 8: Private Jet Destinations Are Limited

It is a myth that there are very few places you can travel to if you go by private travel. This is also untrue. In fact, there are probably more places that a private jet can get than a commercial liner can, just because the private jets are smaller. 

Private jets can fly out of and into all the areas a commercial airplane can, but can also go to airports and runways that a bigger plane can’t get to. So, if you’re going to be traveling to a remote destination, you can rely on a private jet to get you closer to that destination than a major airport can. For example, if you’re heading to one of those little islands in Hawaii, a private jet can get you a whole lot closer to paradise than a commercial airplane can. 

Myth 9: I still have to go through security when Flying Private

We rate this myth as only partially true. When flying privately, passengers still undergo a screening process, though that often means getting pre-cleared through security. At some airports and FBOs in the United States, a TSA agent may be staffed at the private base and will screen passengers before boarding.

However, unlike commercial air travel, where you still have to wait in line and go through TSA before getting on the aircraft, most private jet travel passengers will undergo a clearance prior to departure. So, when you charter a private plane you don’t have to spend those precious hours waiting to board a plane, going through the magnetometer, scanning your bags and then finally head towards your destination.

While there are still security precautions in place, of course, most of these private charters have a separate entrance that their passengers go through, so they aren’t held up in that long line. Depending on the location of the jet, Someone may meet you at the gate, you’ll show your ID, and be ready to board in no time. 


Which Is Right For You?

When it comes down to whether flying privately or flying commercially is the right choice for you, there’s really no clear answer to be had. If you’re trying to make that decision, then it’s best to do your research, weigh the pros and cons, then make a final informed decision on what you find. 

As previously stated, make sure to read the reviews, check the company’s website, and talk to friends and family for recommendations as well for the best results. 

Flying Private Jets Today!

This concludes our guide on dispelling the myths surrounding flying private jets today. As you see, flying jets isn’t just for the rich and elite any longer, and they are as safe as getting on a commercial liner will ever be.

Jets are also environmentally friendly, which means that booking a private plane for your next trip will help you do your part to save the earth for the future of the children as well. What could be better than that? 

If you’re ready to book your private jet, contact us today for help. 







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