What You Should Know Before Flying Privately

Ask anyone who flies regularly. It’s not the flying, it’s all the stress and aggravation that goes along with it. It starts with finding a parking space, then making it through security. Next comes waiting for your turn to board, then finding room for your carry-on. And it doesn’t stop onboard. Your plane’s delayed for take-off, delayed after landing until a gate opens up. 

And the whole time, you’re worrying about being late. So what’s the alternative? It’s flying privately – leaving all the stress and worry behind. Let’s take a look at why flying privately makes more and more sense.  

Take Control: Benefits of Flying Privately

Flying commercially means you’re at the mercy of the airlines and the airports they fly into. From start to finish, you’re giving up control of your schedule and time – and that’s stressful.

The whole process of flying commercially is an exercise in hurry up and wait, lines and more lines. Cramped seats, crowded planes, and minimal service add to the stress. Take the stress and anxiety out of flying with these top benefits of private aircraft.

You Control Your Own Schedule

One of the major benefits of using private aircraft is scheduling flights to match your needs. That evening flight with a connection just to get you to your meeting the next morning? There’s an alternative. A single, non-stop flight in your own plane that gets you to your meeting the same day without wasting time.

Flying privately means you can schedule your trip without an overnight or connecting flight. No added expense for a hotel room and meals. No time wasted. One flight – non-stop. You’ll be flying when you want – not based on the commercial airlines’ schedules.

Early in the morning or late at night, your private flight leaves at whatever time of the day works best for you and your schedule.

You Set Your Own Itinerary

Let’s start with the fact that commercial airlines are limited to just over 500 airports in the United States. Flying privately, you have access to more than 5,000! That works to your benefit in two ways. 

First, it allows you to fly directly to places not served by commercial aviation. That means you aren’t limited to flying to the nearest commercial airport and arranging ground transportation from there. You’ll often land closer to your final destination. The result? You’ll be saving both time and money.

Second, if you’re flying commercially into a major city, you’re limited to one or two airports. And those airports are always busy, always jam-packed. There are lines for parking, lines for security, and another line for boarding. 

Not so with private aviation. Most large cities have fixed base operators (FBO), like Republic Jet Center outside of New York, servicing the private flight industry. FBOs are far less congested and often more conveniently located. That means a far more pleasant experience. 

You Enjoy Far Greater Flexibility

When you find out at the last minute that you need to attend a meeting, you’ve got two choices. You can spend hours trying to book a commercial flight – often at exorbitant rates – or you can fly privately. Private planes can often be available with just a few hours’ notice. With commercial airlines, booking at the last minute is virtually impossible.

And once you’ve booked your private flight, the plane is yours. Running late getting to the airport? Don’t worry, the plane isn’t leaving until you get onboard. It’s your plane. And, if you need to alter your flight plan mid-air, private flights can often accommodate your requests.

Security Screening is Stress Free

You know the drill. For domestic flights, get to the airport at least an hour early. If you’re flying internationally, you need to arrive two hours. First, you line up for security. Take off your shoes and jacket, take your devices out of your carry-on.

And even if you have preferred traveler status, you can still get delayed if someone ahead of you doesn’t know the rules.

Flying privately out of an FBO eliminates the stress and long lines. You’ll still have to go through security screening, of course, but the process is fast and convenient.

Most private passengers will be onboard within fifteen minutes – if not less – after they get to the airport. How is that possible? Because FBOs handle far fewer passengers and they have sufficient staff on hand to make screening fast, painless, and personable.

Other perks? No baggage screening, no limits on the number of bags or carry-ons. Over size items – golf clubs, skis, scuba gear, or tennis racquets? Not a problem, just let them know when you reserve your plane. 

Likewise bringing your favorite shampoo or toothpaste – in regular size containers – is not a problem. And you can wear your favorite shoes!

You’ll Spend Less Time on the Tarmac

These days, congestion and delays are more the rule than the exception with commercial aviation. Industry experts don’t expect the situation with delayed flights to improve in the short term. We’ve all rushed to the airport, made it through all of the lines, boarded – and then sat on the tarmac. It’s hot, stuffy and the clock keeps ticking.

One of the major benefits of private aircraft is that they are rarely delayed on the ground or in the air. You’ll never be tied up at the gate. Private planes flying in and out of FBOs have priority for takeoff and landing, saving even more time.

Your Flights are More Direct

And once they take off, private planes can climb faster, getting above bad weather sooner. Because they often fly at higher altitudes, private jets aren’t competing with commercial planes for air space along heavily-traveled corridors. That means they can often take more direct routes to your destination.

And although most private jets fly at about the same speed as commercial jets, the end result is a faster, more time-efficient flight. One recent study concluded that flying privately saved customers on average more than two hours per flight. 

Benefit from More Comfort, More Luxury, More Amenities

Flying privately means you can say goodbye to cramped middle seats and less-than-hygienic restrooms. Private planes serving business and luxury travelers are immaculately maintained with far better amenities as standard equipment.

Comfortable, reclining leather seats designed to fit full-size adults are the norm. Plenty of leg and elbow room let you stretch out and actually enjoy the peace and quiet. If you anticipate sleeping onboard, ask if fully reclining sleeper seating is available.

Cabin crew on private flights are there to make your flying experience as comfortable as possible. From full-course meals to simple snacks and beverages, a variety of levels of in-flight food and beverage service can be arranged in advance.  

And when you are flying more comfortably, you’ll be arriving at your destination feeling more relaxed and less tired. Stress-free flying means you can get more work done or simply sit back and enjoy the flight. 

Although configurations vary based on what specific plane you are reserving, flying privately almost always beats first or business class on a commercial flight – if first class is even available. 

A Better Atmosphere for Working

There’s a reason the terms private aviation and business aviation are often used interchangeably. For business travelers, nothing beats flying privately. Let’s face it, the chances of getting work done when you’re flying commercially are minimal. Crowded terminals and crowded planes just aren’t conducive to productivity.

But the peace and quiet of a private flight lets you concentrate and use the flight time to your advantage. Whether you are working alone or having a meeting at 30,000 feet, the cabin will be quiet and peaceful.

On the ground, FBO’s private lounges are designed with business and luxury flyers in mind. That means even your time on the ground before your flight can be put to good use with outstanding service and amenities.

Should unforeseen weather or maintenance issues delay your flight, FBOs’ often offer superb facilities, including outstanding concierge services for business and personal travelers.

Among the many business reasons to fly privately, enhancing client relationships always ranks near the top of the list. Flying privately projects an image of success and efficiency that’s hard to beat.

First, there’s the inevitable wow factor when you bring a client on board. Second, nothing better illustrates how important your customer is than having them as guests on your private plane. And the quality of uninterrupted one-on-one meetings inflight can’t be beaten.

Enhanced Security for Your Safety

Private aircraft and FBOs offer a level of security that meets or exceeds TSA regulations. In fact, the level of security when flying privately is at least as good as that of commercial aviation – if not better. 

That’s because you and your business associates or family are the only people on board. No crowds, no strangers. The same applies to any luggage or carry-ons – again, the only items on board will be whatever you bring with you.

Your Privacy is Assured

If your business or personal privacy is a concern when flying commercially, private flights are the ultimate answer. You’ll never find yourself in a situation where your privacy is compromised.

No lines, no crowded seating, no one looking over your shoulder at the spreadsheet you’re working on. From the time you arrive at the airport, your privacy is assured. You – and anyone you may be traveling with – will be able to speed through the check-in process and board your plane – with only your flight crew knowing who you are and what your destination is.

Your Safety Comes First

Flying privately, you can be assured that your flight crew – from pilots to cabin attendants – are fully qualified. Pilots on private planes carrying paying customers undergo thorough training – under the auspices of the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration

With hundreds of hours of flight training including training specific to the planes they are qualified to fly, commercial private pilots are superbly trained. And because they often fly the same planes day in and day out, your pilots are intimately acquainted with specific aircraft.

Cabin crew serving private travelers are also trained on the specific planes they serve. Part of their training, of course, is simply designed to provide you, the customer, with the highest level of inflight service and attentiveness possible.

Planes are Maintained to Higher Standards

As with pilot training, aircraft certification and maintenance is overseen by the FAA. Private planes, particularly those serviced at top-notch FBOs like Republic Jet Center, follow maintenance protocols certified to meet or exceed FAA safety and performance standards.

Your safety, of course, is the top priority. Beyond safety, luxury and business travelers flying privately, have come to expect planes that are kept in immaculate condition. As a general rule, passengers flying privately can expect that their plane will be completely cleaned, disinfected, and serviced before they board.

Commercial planes, on the other hand, are given cursory cleanings between flights. That’s because the airlines need to keep their planes flying. All that’s done is a disinfectant wipe-down and surface cleaning. Thorough cleaning can’t be done in the limited time available. Deep cleaning of commercial planes is often done just once a month.

Private Flying Takes You Above and Beyond

From safety to comfort, from flexibility to time savings, you’ve seen the benefits of flying privately. Gone are commercial aviation’s long lines, delays, and crowded planes – all the things that add so much stress to flying. Instead, you can set your own schedule and itinerary and enjoy your flight in peace and quiet.

Your private plane will be clean and equipped with all the amenities that make flying a pleasure. Your flight crew is dedicated to making your trip a pleasure. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, private flights let you avoid all of the aggravations of commercial travel.

And flying in and out of an FBO like Republic Jet Center, lets you set the hassles aside and enjoy air travel to and from one of the world’s great cities!

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