Private Jet Travel & Effects of the Global Pandemic!

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Did you know that private jet travel is up 40 percent in 2021 compared to 40 percent below average numbers in commercial airlines?

Private jet travel is already showing significantly better recovery during 2020 and 2021. Their fellow commercial competitors are still noticeably lagging in their numbers of customers and staff.

Is private jet the new way to travel? 

Some parts of Florida are seeing as much as a 90 plus percent growth in the private sector of flying. However, the COVID pandemic had an effect on all aspects of life, including flying. 

Private Jet Travel 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic essentially shut down travel in 2020, the private jet travel experience was also impacted. Surprisingly, through March 2020 travel remained relatively stable (sometimes even increasing), but plummeted heading into April.

Travel dipped to about 70 percent of normal during this time frame. However, by June of last year, travel started to trend upward. 

Compared to commercial travel, the private sector was not as significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic, although it did show a drop in numbers in the spring and summer. 

The downside to private business travel is that many executives have become used to Zoom meetings and other modes of telecommunication. This could impact future business travels, which made up a good portion of private jet travel. 

Commercial vs. Private Jet Travel 

Globally, flights dropped to almost a fifth of what they were in 2019 when COVID hit. While commercial airlines have been slow to gain back speed, business flights were back up to almost 90 percent of normal by August 2020.

By the summer and fall of last year, many private airlines were seeing close to 85 percent of their normal numbers. In fact, new membership and first-time users are leading the increase in numbers in most private jet travel industries. 

One of the main benefits of flying privately during this time is an added emphasis on cleanliness and social distancing. 

You don’t have to worry about the crowds of airports and airplanes. Because of fewer people on these jets, there can be an added emphasis on sanitation. The clientele has been drawn to the cleanly, small lounges and quick services. 

This has helped add new users who are looking to get back into business and leisure travel without the hassle of commercial flying. 

What Is an FBO?

Fixed-based operators (FBO) are composed of two private traveling aspects. First, it is the place where passengers board their private jet. This eliminates long lines and overcrowded areas. 

Secondly, FBOs include the site where aircraft are fueled and maintained. Sometimes, these areas also have hangars where the aircraft can remain overnight. 

Usually, these services also provide options for hotels arrangements and ground transportation once you have arrived at your destination. In-flight service and crews are still readily available to assist with any of your needs during the flight. 

Essentially, the private jet experience would not be anything without FBOs available. This is especially crucial during pandemic times to avoid crowds and ensure you are being responsible as you travel. 


Often, private jets offer a membership service. Being a part of different memberships and rewards programs gives you huge benefits in return. 

These benefits can include private hangar privileges and user-friendly reservation systems. Often, handling charges will be waived and you’ll have access to world-class services and amenities. 

It is also important that you look at the benefits of the membership you are searching for so that it is catered to what you want out of a private jet experience. 

Private Jet Travel vs. First Class

What is the difference between flying in a private jet versus first class? First off – first class still means you are flying commercially and will have to endure the crowded airports and terminals. 

Private jets can help save you time for business travel and offer more individual amenities or services. First-class travel is still expensive but can be less expensive than a private jet, especially if you are traveling alone. 

However, if cost isn’t an issue then private jet travel will provide more luxury and privacy. 

It is also important to consider what has already been mentioned. Private jet travel is recovering more quickly than commercial travel and often they will provide fewer delays than your standard airlines. 

You also have the luxury of setting your own departure time and you can usually bring more luggage with you. If you are flying for longer distances, then it will be more costly to have an entire jet for just yourself or a small group. 

In that instance, first-class would be much more cost-friendly and still comfortable, but you’ll lose the luxuries of independence, privacy, and bringing more luggage. 

FBOs Near You

The Republic Airport in New York offers some of the best private jet experiences. They also offer luxurious lounges and concierge services. This helps smooth out the hassles of coordinating hotels and ground transportation once you arrive at your destination. 

This New York FBO has an on-site repair service for private jets arriving and hangars to store your private aircraft either short or long-term stays. The flexibility of this FBO gives you the ultimate private jet flying experience. 

Additionally, it is only 30 minutes from Manhatten which makes it a convenient location to major hubs.  

Final Take

Private jet travel has shown a good recovery and promises privacy, accommodation, and cleanliness. In today’s current state, this is a route worth exploring.

It is important that you go with a trusted FBO service for your private jet travel and experiences. The Republic Jet Center provides quality services, luxury amenities, and smooth travel experiences. 

Skip the lines and crowded commercial airline terminals. Travel is starting to open its doors once more and businesses are easing back into normal in-office work. 

Check out this form to answer all your questions regarding the luxuries of private charters and experience a whole new world out there. 

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Despite covid, Private Jet Travel has bounced back and remains an important mode of transportation.

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