The Definitive Guide to Fixed Base Operators

In 2020, private jets became a preferred mode of travel for a much wider audience and currently boast a 100% retention rate for new users.  This upswing is likely due to safety concerns about the crowds at commercial airports and sharing a confined space on commercial flights.  This opportunity to skip the lines and red tape associated with […]

The Ultimate Guide to Private Aircraft: Industry, Chartering and More

In the modern world, private jets are a staple of the rich and famous. They can take you anywhere in the world at any time for less than what it would cost to fly commercial. Private aircraft have been around for most of human history. However, they’ve only recently become accessible to those who don’t […]

Private Jet Travel & Effects of the Global Pandemic!

private jet travel republic jet center private jets on runway

Did you know that private jet travel is up 40 percent in 2021 compared to 40 percent below average numbers in commercial airlines? Private jet travel is already showing significantly better recovery during 2020 and 2021. Their fellow commercial competitors are still noticeably lagging in their numbers of customers and staff. Is private jet the new […]

How to Charter a Private Jet: A First-Timer’s Guide

Are you looking to get away on your very first private jet flight? Do you want to create a high-end experience that you will never forget? If so, then you need to learn how to charter a private jet as a first-timer. Learning a bit more about the process and what to expect will help […]

Where Can You Fly From Republic Airport?

Unlike commercial airlines, the private jet industry hasn’t experienced much of a downturn in recent times. In fact, forecasters expect global sales to reach at least $36.94 billion by 2028. That’s because private jet ownership offers the opportunity to travel far and fast in safety during times like these. Traveling in a private jet has fewer […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chartering Your Own Private Jet

Flying first class on a commercial trip has certain unique advantages, but chartering a private plane has even more. The most significant benefit is that when you hire a private jet, the experience revolves around you rather than the airline. Private jet chartering becomes even more enticing when you consider the disadvantages of commercial aviation. […]

Why You Should Go for a Helicopter Ride Over Manhattan

Do you want to experience Manhattan but afraid you won’t have the time? What can you possibly get accomplished in just a few hours in New York City? It turns out you can accomplish a lot if you consider taking a helicopter ride over the Manhatten skyline! And it’s not as complicated as you might […]

Hangar Space for Rent: Everything You Need to Know

Soaring above the clouds, there’s nothing like it. You know the feeling of anticipation as you taxi for takeoff. Air traffic control gives you the go-ahead. It’s full-throttle down the runaway until your airborne. You ascend to a cruising altitude of tranquil blue skies. You love the freedom of flying, so you thought you’d buy […]

Benefits of Using a Private Jet for Business Trips

Wondering what the benefits are of using a private jet for business trips? Check out our article for a helpful look at the practical reasons. When we think of private jets, we often imagine luxurious planes meant for celebrities and moguls. But that is no longer the case. These days, people are chartering private aviation […]

Buy vs Lease: Which is the Smarter Move for Your Jet Use?

Wondering what’s going to be the least hassle in using a private jet? Check out our “buy vs lease” article for a look at what you should do. Travel by private jet has been steadily increasing for years but has now seen exponential growth as travelers opt for private travel privacy, security, and convenience. For […]