9 Factors to Consider When Choosing Airline Concierge Services

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Do you need to catch an important flight?

With restrictions and instability everywhere, flights get canceled and trips ruined. Few of us have the time or mental energy to deal with all of the work involved.

We only want to enjoy our vacation or make our traveling as smooth as possible. An airline concierge can help with this and a lot more. They can help make the journey and stay more comfortable and fun.

A concierge can also help deal with any cancelations, rebookings, or reservations you need to make. They’ll also point you in the right direction to make your trip memorable. The only thing you need to know is how to spot and book a good one.

Knowing what they do and what to look out for will be key. For nine factors to consider when choosing an airline concierge, read our guide below.

1. Personal vs. Corporate

There are two main concierge options available: personal and corporate. Finding the right one depends on your needs. Generally speaking, a personal concierge will be more than enough.

They can handle various services, including any specific requests, including flying private. From reservations to bookings, they’re able to get this done for you with ease. If the tasks and requirements you need are smaller, like a family trip or vacation, then there’s no need to go corporate.

A corporate concierge is better when handling a business clientele. They are better trained to handle business services and needs. In essence, think of them as professional secretaries on demand.

They have adequate training and understanding of the corporate world. They are often backed by major associates who can even help you book a charter plane. That said, they also have more access to a wider array of resources.

If you need someone to take care of basic business matters while on vacation, you can think of a corporate concierge as a personal assistant. They’ll make the calls and write the emails you need while you relax, and they can even manage some of your meetings. Of course, if you don’t need any of this, you can opt for a personal concierge and use them as much or as little as you require.

2. Time Sensitivity

Another reason people take advantage of concierge services is that they can do everything in a timely manner. This includes booking everything on time to following up to make sure there are no hiccups.

These range from hotel accommodations to restaurant reservations. Of course, your plane tickets, car rental, and anything else you need are also included. If there’s a delay or something goes wrong, they’ll make the necessary calls to fix things right away.

If you’re in a rush, they should be sure to have you covered. Even if it’s last-minute, a good concierge will find a way, making sure to take your needs and wants into account. When choosing an airline concierge service, it’s crucial to check if they can perform under this kind of time frame first.

Being able to deliver and perform time-sensitive tasks on the dot is highly valued. If the service you’re interested in has slip-ups here and there, you’re likely to find out about it. Even the slightest delay can lead to significant meeting cancellations and lost deals.

The wrong kind of delay could even ruin a family vacation altogether. The last thing you want is a concierge you’ve trusted to get things delayed or messed up. As cliché as it is, time is money, and everyone involved in the corporate world knows this.

3. Affordability

When hiring a concierge, your budget also plays a big role. While their services are in high demand, they’re not always as expensive as you may think. Think of it this way; many hotels offer concierge services as a matter of course.

The same is true for prominent airlines and exclusive ones. An airline or airplane concierge offers the same top-level experience even in the air. They are also customizable and on-call but without the hassle.

This means you don’t have to employ them full time. This makes them a more cost-efficient option for those looking for the same specialized services they offer. They can even help you with all the flying etiquette you need to know.

However, note that costs can vary, depending on your demands and expectations.

4. Knowledgeability

It’s tempting to go with one that’s commendable with good recommendations. However, before you do this, it’s also vital to check if they can double as a travel concierge. This is because it opens a wider range of options for you and your party.

If they speak multiple languages, then all the better. They should be knowledgeable about the area you’re going to and the procedures there. If traveling abroad or out of state, they can give you tips and directions for where to go.

You should also be able to ask them about what is and isn’t allowed to travel with you based on the destination. They can also give you advice for any legal considerations you need to keep in mind. Some countries don’t allow food, alcohol, or tobacco from other regions.

A knowledgeable concierge will know all about the rules and regulations. They can help you fill out the right forms so that your trip or luggage doesn’t get bothered by customs. Your concierge should also know which numbers to call and who to speak to so they can solve problems that come up.

5. Flexibility

Something that all great concierges should have is flexibility. They should be able to adapt to the client and situation without skipping a beat. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying private for business or pleasure.

If you change your mind about something, they should make every effort to help you. This goes along with the time-sensitivity consideration. If you cancel a reservation last minute, they should be able to jump to the rescue.

Even on the flight, they should try to cater to your personal needs. These include food or drink requests, as well as music or entertainment. If you’re paying for a luxury flight experience, then the concierge services should try to be flexible.

They should be able to get you out of a pinch and help resolve difficulties. However, they will only accommodate your needs and wants within reason. These include a change of travel plans or if you or your kids get sick.

Also, consider the current and ever-changing restrictions around the world today. Your concierge should know enough about these difficulties to help you fly safely. With the current situation making flying a bit trickier, it’s best that you also keep informed.

6. Competency

This is a major one that’s hard to measure but easy to notice when it’s not there. The airline concierge service you go with should display some level of competency.

They should act with confidence and singularity of purpose when you make a request, or an issue comes up. No one likes indecision or doubts from the person meant to be helping us.

We are all human, so it’s important to be reasonable. This is especially true if a stressful or difficult situation arises. The key is having an overall helpful and solution-oriented attitude.

One way to spot who the competent concierges are is by seeing how they handle situations. This is especially true for how they respond to inconveniences and stress. It’s easy when everything goes according to plan.

The real test is when they have to think on their feet. This is where their experience and skills come in. The solutions they come up with and suggest become very telling.

7. Authenticity

It is one thing to be knowledgeable, but another thing to be authentic. This becomes very valuable when you travel to a particular place. In places with different cultures, you might want authentic experiences.

Don’t opt for an airplane concierge who has never been there or explored the area before. Imagine committing a classic faux pas in a different country and getting in trouble for it. If you’re traveling with colleagues, then chances are you’re also representing your company.

Google does wonders, but it won’t always be available. It also won’t compare to the types of advice that might come from a local. In this case, you’ll want someone familiar with the destination – your concierge.

They can tell you all the best places to eat, shop, or explore. On top of this, they can also share with you some local history. If possible, even put you on a first-name basis with the owners of some of the places you’ll be visiting.

There’s another reason to look for a concierge that can offer an authentic experience. They can save you time and money, avoiding tourist traps. Instead, they can direct you towards what’s worth seeing, based on your interests.

8. Reputation

This one should be obvious, but reputation plays a huge role. There is no shortage of airline concierge companies in the market. They’re all competing for your hard-earned money.

You should try to factor in how well known the company offering the services and what the word on the street is. Online reviews can help you get an inside look at what you might be in for. Make sure to look for independent reviews left by customers.

Most companies will only select the best reviews to put on their website. They won’t be a true indication of the quality of a concierge service. If you find independent reviews, don’t only focus on the negative 1-star reviews either.

Many of these will be from customers who may have had unreasonable requests or expectations. They may have also run into a very niche issue or had 1 “average” experience among many superb ones. Take time to look at a range of reviews and look for patterns.

A concierge might get called rude by an unreasonable client once, but not repeatedly. If the same complaints pop up across several different people, that’s a sign to look elsewhere.

9. Safety

Your safety should be a top priority when traveling. Despite working for your comfort, they should never neglect this. They should make sure all the necessary safety checks on the plane get done.

They should also have training in CPR and basic first aid. They should be ready to put that training to the test with confidence in an emergency. They should also teach you what to do in an emergency and help guide you through the steps.

This might sound like a lot, but you’re paying for all-around service. Some concierges won’t be able to offer this level of specific care. It could be a factor for some when choosing who to go with.

Even if non-emergency settings, they should look out for you. This is especially true if you travel to areas with potential dangers. Your concierge should warn you of any concerns with wildlife or criminal activity.

If they help you plan trip details, they should warn you of possible problems. For example, travel advisories discourage people from visiting certain regions. These could be due to weather, disease, or even peace disturbances.

With the state of the world at the moment, it’s worth having a concierge who prioritizes this level of care. They’ll do all they can to make your trip smooth and memorable without jeopardizing your health and safety.

What to Look For in an Airline Concierge

There are many things to consider when looking into an airline concierge. Reputation is a huge factor, as is the ability to get things done in a quick and efficient manner. Knowing what you need from a concierge and getting the right fit for the job is easier than you think.

It helps to have a company you can trust to help you. At Republic Jet Center, we specialize in making every aspect of your trip smooth and stress-free. We can even help you find a top-notch airline concierge, so contact us today.

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