Private Jet News: How to Fly Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Some good private jet news amid the global COVID-19 crisis: business is booming!

With the restrictions imposed on travelers during the coronavirus pandemic, many believe air travel is out of the question right now.

But this is not necessarily the case…


Many wealthy travelers have been concerned about being able to travel internationally – or even domestically. With restrictions imposed upon the public from country to country, as well as state to state within the US, there has been much uncertainty bubbling around the topic of aviation.

Businessmen and women have been concerned. The main worry is that they – and their staff – are not able to get from A to B to conduct their business. As well as this, wealthy international families have been unable to connect.

This consensus among the world of the jet-set is unsurprising. The global headlines reflecting the state of commercial air travel is enough to spur worry from anyone required to travel. People are either not allowed to travel via air, or they are afraid to.

The result: commercial air travel has suffered.

The brights side: interest in the world of private air travel has seen a surge.

Some Good Private Jet News

Those who aren’t afraid to take to the air have been looking at their private resources for aviation needs. For those who have not thought to use this method before are also turning to the services of a chartered airplane.

But this isn’t as limited to only the super-rich as one might think. Because of the worry around traveling commercially during the COVID-19 pandemic, private jet companies are becoming more available for a variety of passengers.

Flight data tracker Argus reported that Memorial Day weekend 2020 saw private airplane traffic account for 58% of the volume compared to Memorial Day weekend 2019. Meanwhile, flying commercially over the same period dropped drastically.

The stats have risen dramatically amid private air travel flights between late-April and mid-June, proving that things are literally on the up.

Traveling Safely

If you are using a private jet at this time, it’s possible you are traveling with others.

As with most services and business operators during COVID-19, there are strict health and safety regulations to abide by. Chartered flight providers will be at the top of their game when it comes to adhering to these. Not only is air travel a potential breeding ground for coronavirus, but private jet flyers will also have paid top dollar to travel safely and securely.

Nonetheless, for extra precaution on a small flight with people you don’t know, abiding by the COVID-19 rules continues to be key.

Wash hands, do not touch your face, choose a window seat, sit away from others, and wear a mask. Bring sanitizer with you for yourself and the seating area, in case of emergencies.

Should you be worried still, it’s worth noting this: a passenger traveling on a commercial flight is likely to experience 700 contact points with other people and objects. Private flying will only expose you to about 30 points of contact.

The Safest Way to Fly?

Perhaps the best way to guarantee safe private flying in this uncertain time of COVID-19 is to buy your own jet.

This eliminates any concerns about the health and safety of anyone else on a private flight as you are in charge of the way the vessel is managed.

As well as this, you are only sharing the space with a select few. These people are likely all people you have been around during recent times anyway.

Further benefits include the fewer restrictions you are under as a private jet owner – namely the Part 91 rules. You will have entry to a larger number of airports that meet Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications.

Further Benefits to Flying Privately

In addition to the health and safety benefits listed above, chartering a flight is fast and direct. Services are sold typically by the hour, and connecting flights become a hassle you can forget about.

It might encourage those still on the fence to know that there has been around a 40% increase in private flights transporting families. This demonstrates that it’s not merely businessmen and women chomping at the bit to take to the air again.

In comparison to the recession of 2008 when chartered flights suffered, COVID-19 has affected the global economy in a different way. Private flights have not suffered as a result.

Private Jets and Environmental Safety

Private flights leave a carbon dent. However, we are living at a juncture where fewer airplanes are taking to the skies and the environment has been allowed some breathing space.

This is perhaps one major reason to justify taking advantage of chartered flights in the current climate.

In addition, the wealthier, older generation is at higher risk of contracting coronavirus, further justifying this form of travel. Many older people are encouraged not to leave the house at all. Therefore, if it is necessary, where are you safer than on your own private flight?

Regardless of this, the environment is still an issue. The planet will be here long after the coronavirus and those living through it will be. And for those concerned about this, private jet providers offer programs to offset carbon emissions. 

Good Private Jet News

For those in need of air travel services at this uncertain time, the above provides excellent incentives. Chartering a plane is the safest and most effective way to fly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health risks are drastically minimalized. Environments and precautions can be controlled on your own terms. Business and family life can continue. And the statistics prove that many are cottoning on to these benefits as the world slowly beats coronavirus.

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