Everything You Need to Know for Your NYC Business Trip

If New York State were an independent nation, it would have the 12th largest GDP on Earth, that’s largely thanks to New York City, which has the largest urban economy in the U.S.

NYC leads the way when it comes to business, finance, manufacturing, retail, education, and healthcare. So no matter which industry you’re in, there’s a chance you’ll end up in New York City at some stage of your career.

Here’s how to make the most of your next NYC business trip. 

Packing For Your Trip to New York City

New York City has warm, wet, humid summers and cold, windy winters with plenty of snow. While the weather won’t affect your business travel much, you should avoid the city in January if you dislike the cold.

Chances are, you’ll spend most of your time in Manhattan when you travel to the city on business. Remember, you’re sharing this area with some of the world’s most prominent business people, creatives, lawyers, and accountants – it’s important to dress accordingly.

Unless you know better, it’s best to pack formal business attire if you want to impress clients or business associates in NYC.

In this fast-paced city, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself dashing from a day at the office to a night on the town, too. Try to bring outfits that transition easily from day to night, you won’t have time to go back to your hotel in between. 

Ladies should avoid high heels. Although these do complement the high-powered executive look, they’re impractical for moving at NYC-pace in between meetings. 

Most buildings in New York City have climate-controlled interiors. If you’re visiting in winter, make sure you can easily remove a layer or two when you come in from the frosty outdoors. 

Don’t leave home without an up-to-date map of the city, it’s easy to become disoriented in this vast metropolis. 

Traveling to NYC for Your Business Trip

It’s most convenient to travel to NYC by air. Driving there will cost a small fortune in toll fees and parking and the traffic congestion is out of this world.

You can fly into the following New York Airports:

Most major US domestic carriers offer daily flights to New York.

If you prefer to skip the crowds and airport bustle, you can also charter New York private flights to the Long Island Airport, Republic Airport. 

The latest private jet statistics reveal that this mode of travel is more popular than ever before due to ongoing health concerns surrounding conventional airline travel. Private business jet activity has increased by 40% since 2019, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand.

When you charter a business jet, you make all your arrangements via a fixed base operator affiliate, who will find the perfect plane for your needs and make all the arrangements on your behalf. 

Getting Around During your NYC Business Trip

You can arrange for a cab or limo service to pick you up from your New York FBO and take you to your hotel or business meeting. It’s much easier than trying to negotiate the bustle of the city on your own. 

Very few people drive themselves around New York City. It’s much easier and less stressful to make use of the city’s excellent public transport options. 

Yellow Cabs

New York City’s yellow cabs are rightly famous as an effective way to get around the city. You’ll soon master the art of hailing one from the sidewalk, but make sure you’re gesturing at an on-duty cab with the numbers lit up. 

Always try to catch a cab that’s headed in the direction you want to go. Many NYC streets are one-way only, and you’ll pay extra if the cabbie needs to negotiate a detour to get to your destination.

The New York Subway

The subway offers another excellent way to get around New York City. It’s cheap and efficient, but you will certainly benefit from buying a MetroCard in advance. 

Despite the higher initial cost, a MetroCard is your ticket to skipping the line and free bus rides if needed. It’s also a good idea to download the subway transit planner app. This technology helps you plot your route, so you can make your way anywhere in the city.

When planning your subway trips, remember uptown refers to higher street numbers. So if you need to travel from 44th street to 28th street, you need to take a downtown subway. 


Ride-sharing is a cheaper way to get around the city than hiring a cab. You’ll find all the usual options, like Lyft and Uber, available in NYC.

Business Travelers Accommodation in NYC

Millions of people visit New York City every year, so there’s no shortage of accommodation to choose from for your stay. Depending on where you need to conduct your affairs during your trip, these are some of the best ones:

Hilton Long Island

Hilton Long Island is just five minutes from the Long Island Expressway between the Hamptons and NYC, and three miles from Republic Airport. 

It offers standard and deluxe guest rooms and suites featuring either one or two double beds each. There’s a heated indoor pool, 24-hour fitness center, and a bistro on site.  

If you’re doing business within five miles of the hotel, you can catch a ride on the free shuttle any day of the week. 

Courtyard Marriott at FRG

This hotel is on-site at Republic Airport, so it’s ideal for a first-night stopover if you’re arriving late in the afternoon. It offers convenient access to the city as well as a free shuttle service to businesses within five miles of the hotel.

It’s newly renovated to offer enhanced convenience and comfort for business travelers and boasts an on-site bistro, 24-hour fitness center, a bar, outdoor patio, and fire pit.

Garden City Hotel

This historic, elegant hotel suits business people who want to enjoy a luxury stay during their trip to the city. It’s all about spacious, sophisticated rooms and gourmet dining at this premier hotel. 

You’ll find private meeting spaces and dining areas on-site, as well as a plush spa for ultimate relaxation after a busy day in the city.  

The INN at Fox Hollow

Nestled on Long Island’s North Shore, this luxury boutique hotel offers intimate privacy from the bustle of the city. The Inn boasts lush tropical gardens, a picture-perfect courtyard, and several high-end amenities.

These include a hot tub, heated pool, fitness center, private shuttle, free transport to businesses within a 10-mile radius, and business facilities.  

You’ll enjoy complimentary breakfasts and buffet dinners while in residence.  

Oheka Castle Hotel & Estate

Another North shore gem, Oheka Castle nestles amid expansive manicured lawns and gardens. It’s a historic building, with the charm of days gone by reflected in its decor.

The plush rooms are the perfect complement to a host of superb onsite facilities like free valet parking, dry cleaning, a bar and lounge, and conference facilities. 

Dining in the Big Apple

New York is an epicenter of art, culture, and design, so you can expect to enjoy some of the world’s best opportunities for dining in the city. 

Manhattan offers abundant choices whether you’re looking for a quick bit between meetings, or hoping to impress your peers with a fine-dining experience. 

These are some of your best options when it comes to the latter:

The Grill

This Midtown eatery is the perfect place for a power lunch, located at the site of the old Four Seasons. 

Here, the decor and the menu speak of more genteel days gone by, with high ceilings and classic modern interior design. Make sure you try the dry-aged steaks, Scottish salmon, ham steak, or Dover sole, and perhaps a martini for luck.

In its heyday, this venue was the premier lunch venue for high-powered execs and despite a revamp, it hasn’t lost any of its grandeur. 


Conveniently tucked away in the southwest corner of Grand Central station, Agern welcomed diners with high-end Nordic design and outstanding eats. 

The Prix Fixe lunch menu features beef tartare imbued with the flavors of butter and pepper, pork shoulder or Arctic char, and fluffy chocolate mousse.  


Located along prestigious Park Avenue, Upland makes it easy to impress your guests. It’s only a block away from Madison Square Park and features a long menu with something to suit everyone. 

You can take your pick from a huge variety of dishes like Caesar salad, Cacio e Pepe, and even cheeseburgers. This popular restaurant usually pulls the crowds, so it’s best to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. 

Le Coucou

Le Coucou is a Soho restaurant that goes all out to create a sophisticated and very fancy vibe. Expect white tablecloths, candles for centerpieces, and a foreign language menu.

No matter what you order here, you’ll find it smacks of the famous French flair for cuisine.  You can expect all the continental classics like bouillabaisse and duck à l’orange at this Michelin-starred establishment. 

Things to do in NYC During Your Leisure Time

You’d be remiss if you didn’t take in some of the city sights while you’re in town. These are some of the things you should pencil onto your to-do list for your stay in New York:

Sip on a Sundowner

Enjoying a drink at one of New York’s rooftop bars is the perfect way to end a busy day, or plan your evening’s activities. The Refinery offers a direct line of sight to the Empire State Building and a vast range of handcrafted cocktails to go along with it. 

Catch a Show

Broadway offers dozens of worthwhile diversions any night of the week. You can catch up with some of the world’s best-loved productions on the main strip or head off-Broadway for entertaining showcases at lower prices. 

You can also catch up with some classic comedy acts in this part of town or join the live afternoon audience at some of the country’s best-loved late-night shows, like The Daily Show or The Tonight Show. 

Take A Walk

New Yorkers love to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives by spending time outdoors. Some of the best walkways include The Highline, the Hudson River Greenway, and Brooklyn Bridge. 

You can’t visit Manhattan without exploring Central Park. With over 1.3 square miles of greenery to enjoy, this internationally-acclaimed urban park offers abundant opportunities for walking, picnicking, and relaxing. 

Enjoy Cultural Showpieces

New York is awash with museums and galleries to rejuvenate the mind. These are some of the best ones:

  • The Metropolitan Gallery
  • Solomon R Guggenheim Museum
  • The American Museum of Natural History
  • The Museum of the City of New York
  • The Morgan Library and Museum

Pay your respects at the national September 11 Museum at the World Trade Center site, which pays a poignant tribute to the fateful events of that day. 

Keeping Pace in New York

New York is a fast-paced city, with crowded sidewalks and busy people rushing everywhere. When you walk the streets, you’ll need to move fast to keep up with everyone else.

Walk street-side to keep business entryways open, and don’t stop to check your cell phone in the middle of the bustle.

It’s best to arrange meetings for early in the day, it’s the best way to get a New Yorker undivided attention before the chaos ensues. Always arrive for your appointments on time, New Yorkers don’t have time to wait around.  

Ensuring an Effortless Business Trip

Are you intrigued with discovering the joys of private jet travel to New York? Republic Jet Center, located at Republic Airport, Long Island, is your ideal entry point to the Big Apple.

As the leading FBO in New York, Republic Jet Center offers every convenience for modern business travelers and outstanding facilities for the jets they travel in. 

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