How to Get a Private Jet at a New York Airport

Commercial flights cover the majority of air traffic. Over 34,000 flights were recorded just for January of 2020 at JFK airport, with millions of people making their way through the crowded terminals.

Isn’t there an easier way to get from one place to the other? In fact, there is. Hiring a private jet is not only more accessible but encouraged in our modern, pandemic-filled age. 

Want to know how to keep yourself and others safe, while still traveling for business or pleasure? Here’s how to get a jet at a New York airport.

What Are the Benefits of Flying Private?

Besides avoiding crowded terminals and risking the spread of COVID-19, there are a slew of reasons you should be taking private flights.

Fly Where You Need to Go

Due to airlines cutting less-profitable routes and limiting access to smaller airports, it’s become difficult to travel to non-urban centers. The luxury of booking a private flight means that you can determine exactly where you need to go, no matter how remote.

Imagine the time saved by flying into a small local airport, rather than flying into a populated one. Consider the amount of drive-time saved, not to mention the added cost of renting a vehicle or hiring a driver.

Skip the Line and Save on Time

Despite air travel decreasing abroad in the US, New York airports continue to have long delays and issues pertaining to new COVID regulations.

The line at security is only the start. By flying private, you don’t have to worry about the crazy lines. The same with lines at customs for flying internationally. Private airports, like ours, have customs on-site to keep you moving and not stuck in a line.

Not to mention checking and retrieving your baggage is far easier. Avoiding these restrictions means more time working and less time wasted waiting in a line.

The Cost Is Rapidly Decreasing

 Yes, you read that right. Despite the increased demand for private flights, the overall cost has decreased. That’s because private jet operators have quickly added new planes to their fleets to meet the demand.

Better still, because of the $50 billion U.S. airline bailout, private jet operators will enjoy a tax-break for the remainder of the year. This tax break eliminates the usual 7.5% Federal Excise Tax on airfare, which means consumers get better pricing.

A Private Plane Offers Better Comfort

Private jets come in a wide arrange of shapes and sizes. In comparison to most commercial planes, these offer the best-in-class comforts, such as better leg-room and enhanced entertainment systems. 

These luxuries extend outside the plane as well. When you fly private you gain access to a beautiful service station, with comfortable waiting spaces with select seating.

At Republic Jet Center, we offer concierge services in the event of a delay. We spare no expense in making your private-flying experience phenomenal.

How to Get a Private Jet at a New York Airport

Long ago it was a challenge to book private flights. These flights could cost thousands and require you to travel to an inconvenient airfield. Not anymore.

Now, it’s as easy as sending an email, and as cost-effective as a few hundred dollars.

Republic Jet Center is the premiere New York airport for FBO (fixed-base operator) services. We offer private flights in jets and helicopters. Finding a specific cost is as simple as reaching out to our team, who’ll make sure you get the best flying experience possible.

Find a Ride That Meets Your Needs and Your Budget

You can choose from a variety of different flights as well. Certain flights can be shared with other riders, making them far more affordable, while still offering increased luxury and security. Or you can charter your own flight, just for you or your family.

Because we’re affiliated with the renowned Signature FBO network, we can meet your every need without putting a big dent in your spending money.

The Airport Matters

We’re located 30 miles from New York City — less than a fifteen-minute helicopter ride from its heart. Because of our distance to the central city, we’re not impacted by normal air-traffic congestion or the wait-times associated with take-off.

If you’re planning on flying into our airport, we’ll provide Prime Jet customers a complimentary luxury SUV for transport, up to the value of $500.

Personally, you prefer the air? No problem. We can provide a six-passenger Sikorsky S-76 helicopter to transfer you to and from downtown Manhattan.

When you travel with us, expect the best and then some.

I Need Consistent Air-Travel

Well, you’re in luck. Private jets can be purchased easily. Check out our current stock here.

Not interested in the responsibilities of ownership? No problem. Private flying experiences are becoming a popular commodity. It’s possible to rent or share private planes with other owners and flyers via subscription services.

You can access these services as easily as clicking a button on an app. No joke. If you’re considering flying private regularly — and you should — there are several programs to enroll in.

Our New York Express Package bundles helicopter flights to and from Manhattan to our airport, saving you nearly $2000 if booked separately.

Take the Next Step, Book A Private Flight Today

Now you know the benefits of flying private. Don’t feel stuck having to go through the grind at JFK or any other New York airport. Schedule a private flight with Republic Jet Center today.

Located on Long Island, you can contact us at (631) 881-9520 or make a reservation here. Convenient, luxury travel is just a click away, don’t wait!

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