Why Private Aviation Is More Important Than Ever

Nowadays, more people are embracing private aviation. That’s got less to do with avoiding pandemic interactions, and more with the way it removes many of the pain points associated with commercial flights.

Keep reading for more about how and why private jet aviation offers many excellent benefits for both business and leisure travel. 

Flying Privately is Becoming More Affordable

Throughout the history of private aviation, flying private has been a privilege reserved for the super-wealthy elite. At one time, the average net worth of private jet owners was around $1.5 billion.

Not anymore. Nowadays, you don’t need to own a plane or a fractional portion of one to enjoy traveling on a private jet. 

During global shutdowns, private aviation companies attracted more business than ever. Mainly from individuals looking for a safer way to travel for vital business purposes. 

In the process, the industry managed to secure a loyal, returning customer base.

It didn’t take long for business travelers to discover the benefits of private aviation over commercial flights. Since they were taking fewer trips, they could afford to spend a little more for these conveniences, too

As demand grows, private aviation companies’ expenses per passenger decrease. So, a host of cheaper ways to fly private are emerging.

Passengers can now save by choosing one of the following when they opt for a private jet flight:

Empty Leg Flights

Thanks to increased demand, it’s easier and more cost-effective for private jet operators to offer one-way flights. That is, provided they can find someone to book a passage back to your airport of origin.

In times of low demand, the jet operator would incur costs to fly the aircraft back to its home base. Alternatively, they’d have to pay to keep it in storage until the passengers’ return date.  

Ultimately, the passenger pays these costs. 

Now, it’s possible to split these costs between two passengers taking flights in opposite directions. 


You can also book a shared flight with other travelers heading to the same airport, or beyond. In this case, you lose out on some benefits of having an airplane to yourself but save on costs.

Larger private jets incur more or less the same operating costs whether they’re transporting one passenger or more. Splitting these costs between more travelers automatically means reduced fares for each person. 

Ride-sharing and empty leg flights work well for travelers with flexible travel dates. They also work well for those mainly concerned with getting from one point to another, with a low focus on exclusivity.  

They’re also a good solution for eco-conscious travelers, especially when you fly on jets fuelled by a sustainability-focused operator

Jet Clubs and PrePaid Cards

Private jet travel clubs effectively let members save up for their flights by paying a monthly memberships fee. These payments go toward flight credits, allowing them several flights per month according to their membership level.

Many of these clubs have partnered with jet rental agencies, accommodation providers, and tour agencies. As such, they can offer more affordable business and leisure packages for those who crave the luxury of exclusive experiences.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Book Private Flights

As this mode of travel becomes more accessible, it’s becoming ever easier to book flights. Many brokers have taken to advertising their services online and accepting bookings via the internet, too.

This makes it much easier to search for available flights and compare prices. As more players enter the field of private aviation bookings, competition for customers is inching prices down, too.

The above factors mean chartering a flight is now the preferred way to travel for many who want convenient, customizable, and safer trips. 

Chartering a private jet remains the prerogative of the wealthy. Yet, it’s fast becoming a more popular option for flyers who would ordinarily have opted for a pricey first-class flight instead. 

Private Aviation Eases Anxiety for All Kinds of Travelers

As almost every industry struggles to get back on its feet as fast as possible, the adage, ‘time is money’ has never rung more true. So, it’s not surprising that anxieties run high when it comes to many of the aspects associated with commercial flights. 

These include:

Lack of Control

There’s nothing worse for a stressed traveler than sitting around in limbo. Especially as the designated time for a vital business meeting approaches.

When you fly commercial, regardless of whether you’ve booked a first-class or economy seat, you’re at the mercy of various factors. Some of the things that remain firmly out of your control include:

  • Delayed flights
  • Canceled flights
  • Inconvenient travel times
  • No flights available when you need them most

Weather conditions aside, you needn’t worry about any of these unforeseen circumstances affecting your schedule when you fly with a private jet operator. 

When you book a private jet, you know it’s going to be waiting on the runway for you when you’re ready to leave. Your flight isn’t dependent on the whims of hundreds of other passengers, commercial airline foibles, or restrictive flight schedules. 

You can quite literally travel anywhere, at any time with a private flight, within reason, of course. 

Extended Wait Times

Seasoned travelers know the drill. If you’ve booked a domestic flight, you have to check in an hour before departure and sit around waiting for your plane to arrive. 

If you’re heading out of the country, you can expect a two-hour wait before you board. 

These wait times, coupled with travel to the airport, can eat into your productive time. Although some airports offer business facilities, so you can catch up with work while you wait, these aren’t always a practical option.

With a private flight, you can drive right up to your jet, embark and settle down to work or strategize with colleagues. There are no boarding passes, and your crew is ready and waiting on your arrival.

You’ll barely have to flash your ticket or ID document before they welcome you onboard. 

This streamlined process ensures you get to make the most of your valuable time, both on-ground and in the air.

When you fly private, you’ll use a fixed base operator as your arrival and departure point. So, if you need to wait around for a while for other passengers to join you, you can make excellent use of your time.

These operators offer a full suite of concierge services, access to business facilities and dining options, as well as the privacy you crave. 

Scheduling Issues

The impact of travel and wait times pale in comparison to the agony of an extended layover due to commercial airline scheduling.

Many airlines are still operating a limited variety of flights. Under these circumstances, it’s difficult to find a non-stop flight if you’re heading somewhere outside the major centers.

This can mean extensive juggling when arranging your bookings, long layovers while you wait for a connecting flight, and inconvenient flight times. For more remote destinations, you could end up in transit for days before you reach your destination.

This will never happen when you book a private flight. These light aircraft can take off and land at almost 20,000 airports across the country, compared to the 5,217 available to commercial airlines. 

That means a private jet can take you as close to your intended destination as possible in one flight, depending on whether they need to refuel somewhere in between. Either way, you won’t spend any time at all waiting around for an onward flight to your next stop. 

You call the shots when it comes to departure times when you travel with a private aviation operator. You can schedule your flights, so you make the best use of time during your business trip. 

Security Issues

Spending time queuing at security checkpoints is a nightmare for frequent travelers. During your years of flying, you’ve figured out how to get through this process quickly as possible, only to spend time stuck in a queue behind the less informed. 

Despite your clear record of whizzing through security unscathed, you’re still subjected to the same baggage checks as other travelers. No matter how light you’re traveling, security personnel must tick every box on their checklist before you can proceed.

All it takes is one security issue, and your whole flight will sit on the tarmac until it’s resolved. 

While security checks are certainly necessary, they can cause lengthy delays and disrupt your travel plans.  Not even the most regular frequent flyers or die-hard first-class customers can escape this lengthy and frustrating procedure.

Private aviation security checks proceed like clockwork and involve little more than a cursory check of your bags. There are no queues and the entire process is discreet and fast. 

Busy, Crowded Airports

Despite novel safety measures, airports are still busy, crowded spaces, and the interior of a commercial plane is still a confined space shared with strangers. 

As vaccination rates increase and infections die down, the pandemic seems to be waning across the globe. Yet, it’s difficult to get away from that now-familiar sense of unease when faced with a crowd in a confined space.

Coronavirus aside, we’re all more aware than ever before about how quickly infections spread, and no one wants to contract any unpleasant illness while mingling with others. 

Major airports can see thousands of people travel in and out of their space every day. So, it’s almost impossible to keep these places sanitized and germ-free around the clock, despite the cleaning personnel’s best efforts.

There are simply so many points of contact involved in passing through an airport, that many business travelers aren’t prepared to take the risk. 

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that private air travel increased by 40% during the global pandemic.

It’s much easier to sanitize the small spaces involved in private aviation. The FBOs are nowhere near as busy as commercial airports, and private planes offer a private space in the company of tested personnel and trusted associates.  

Luxury On Tap

Whether you’re heading off to a vital business meeting yourself or flying an important investor to your offices, you can’t beat private aviation services for luxury and comfort.

First-class flights simply cannot offer the personalized service that private airlines can. 

Depending on the plane you hire, you can enjoy a host of curated services to make your flight as enjoyable and luxurious as you wish.  These include:

  • Customized menus
  • Meeting facilities
  • Spacious comfortable seating
  • Unmatched in-flight entertainment
  • Highly-trained, service-oriented personnel
  • Personalized service thanks to fewer passengers

If you’re transporting an esteemed business partner via charter jet, you can make sure you personalize the experience to suit their exact preferences. They’re bound to be suitably impressed.

If you’re traveling yourself, or with colleagues, you can rest assured you’ll arrive at your destination unfrazzled and ready for business.  

Private jet travel offers a level of privacy that first-class seats cannot match. From your arrival at the FBO, until you reach your business destination, you’re assured of absolute privacy far from prying eyes. 

This removes some stresses associated with travel for high-profile businesspeople and celebrities. 

Private Aviation Services Offer a Shortcut to Success

One passenger at a time, private aviation is starting to play a vital role in keeping the wheels of industry turning. It alleviates stress for key decision-makers and is doing its part to help the economy return to normal as soon as possible.

If you’d like to jet your way into the future in the lap of luxury, Republic Jet Center is a great place to start. Get in touch or browse our blog for more information on what we have to offer. 

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