Key Guide to Flying Internationally on a Private Jet During COVID Crisis

International travel has been one of the industries hardest-hit by COVID-19. Estimates say that up to 48% of international flights have been cut. thousands of professionals travel internationally every day for business. They will need to continue using private planes during the COVID-19 crisis. What can they do to ensure they can continue to travel safely?

By adhering to simple guidelines supplied by the government, you can continue flying. In fact, some companies are providing generous incentives to assist private fliers. FBO (Fixed Base Operator) companies are amongst these. 

Why not check out our guide to flying internationally below. You might find some positives in a negative situation.

1. Airport Handling Charges

Airlines and airport authorities are working to cope with this economic crisis. Some are increasing prices. Others, however, are providing generous incentives to encourage companies to use their services. One example is Republic Jet Center. They are removing Parking and Handling Fees for planes at their facility. 

What does this mean? A private jet can land at their airport and following this parking and positioning will be at no charge. This a truly unprecedented offer. It is like going to a high-class restaurant and receiving the starters and drinks for free with your meal. 

Choosing your airport can give you an opportunity to benefit from current offers. Good research will help you learn what is available.

2. Reduced Cost Membership Deals

If you do not own a private jet you may be benefitting from a membership deal that allows you to use company planes. Usually, these are offered on an annual basis. You pay an annual subscription regardless of the number of flights you take during the year.

The current circumstances mean that there are many discounted deals available. Rather than an annual membership, you can also opt for a 90 day or even shorter membership period.

3. Clear Hygiene Standards

There is a great deal of unreliable news available regarding COVID-19. However, private jet companies are able to provide some substantiated good news. The plane itself being sanitized either between each flight or once each day. You can be sure that you are boarding a clean safe airplane.

Private jet companies guarantee that they will effectively disinfect their jets. They are able to ensure far higher levels of cleanliness than other flight services. This is because the turn-around schedule for private planes allows more flexibility. They often do this using industrial strength products.

Companies are applying hospital-grade cleaning agents to plane interiors. Chemicals, such as Viraclean, can kill bacteria and viruses. They are also changing air-filters and wiping hard surfaces with bacteria-killing disinfectant. Experts say that even airplanes that carried confirmed virus cases are safe after this.  

4. Crew Health Check Policies

Take time and learn what health checks are being applied to flight crews and airport staff. This can give you real peace of mind. Many airlines will check their flight staff for virus symptoms at least twice each day. Crew members are receiving specific training regarding spotting symptoms in themselves or others.

Crew managers are encouraging staff to view the taking of sick time as positive. Staff members do not view this as damaging their personal reputation. Rather it shows that they value the company reputation.

A jet provider may learn that a confirmed COVID-19 case has traveled on their plane. The crews will often then be removed from flying for a period of time and placed in quarantine. Learning the standards that your provider applies will provide peace of mind. 

5. Restricted International Destinations

Restrictions on international destinations are constantly changing. As countries react to statistics they may restrict or completely close their borders. High-risk locations such as Italy, China, and Britain are obviously restricted destinations. However, now any locations with increasing numbers of cases are being restricted.

It would be good to thoroughly research your destination before purchasing tickets. With restrictions constantly changing, you may find that you can purchase a ticket. You may even be able to fly to your preferred location. However, once there you find you are subject to governmental quarantine laws. Your movements are severely restricted for up to 3 weeks.

6. Check-in and Security Procedures

The ACI (Airports Council International) World has issued new recommendations to airports. According to these directions, hand sanitizers should be available throughout the airport. 

In some locations health-screening is obligatory. In this case, staff should use non-contact thermometers to perform health checks quickly. They will provide discreet locations to perform these checks. Security lines should not compromise social distancing guidelines.

In an international airport, it may take 30 minutes to clear security and customs checks. In an FBO operated facility, these security checks take a fraction of this time. This cuts down significantly the time that a passenger spends in this public area.

Often, passengers are able to take advantage of additional business facilities. Conference rooms are available for those who wish to stay away from public areas. Professionals can use them for Video-Conferences before flights.

Flying Internationally during COVID-19 and Much More

COVID-19 has changed our lives and work practices. It has also impacted how we travel. Flying internationally is still possible if done in agreement with international health guidance. A person can still enjoy the freedom that they had before current restrictions.

If you want to learn more about flying internationally during COVID-19 or at any time, we are here to help! We provide world-class FBO airport services out of our luxury facility in Farmingdale. Why not take a look at our services and how we can make your travel a pleasure regardless of world conditions.  

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