The FBO Experience: What to Expect from an FBO

Fixed Base Operators have an important role in the business aviation industry. Learn more about what to expect from the FBO experience.

It happens every time. You rush to the airport to get to your plane on time only to have to wait, forever, for TSA.

Can’t they speed it up just this once?

You finally make it to your plane and there you are again waiting in the lobby.

Kids scream. Parents scream after them. You weep silently in your uncomfortable seat. 

The whole scenario is a nightmare. 

Finally, you hear an announcement for your plane and lo and behold, it’s delayed. There’s got to be a better way than flying commercial, right?

Yes, there is. It’s called a Fixed Base Operator. Read on and we’ll tell you all about the FBO experience.

You’ll never fly commercial again. 

What Is an FBO? 

An FBO or Fixed Base Operator is a private airport terminal. They are often located on the grounds of a larger commercial airport. Aviators who don’t have their own hangar to operate out of often choose to operate out of an FBO. This is because an FBO can offer specialized services to both crew and passengers they could never get from a commercial liner. 

How Quick Are the Security Checks? 

You still have to go through security and customs when traveling with an FBO, but the process is much faster. FBOs don’t have as much traffic as commercial airlines, so they are able to dedicate more of their attention to the needs of the individual. This means they can do more efficient security and customs checks without sacrificing attention to detail. The average wait time for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checks is about 30 minutes. The same checks take an FBO a fraction of the time. 

What About My Security? 

Just because you get through security quicker does not mean an FBO is less secure than a typical airport.

For starters, the TSA has outlined minimum security requirements that all FBOs must meet. 

Because the security of their clientele is of the utmost importance, many FBOs surpass these requirements. Many have 24-7 on-site security complete with surveillance cameras. Your luggage is always under the watchful eye of an attendant until it gets secured on the plane. 

If you prefer, some FBOs will allow you to put your luggage on the plane yourself. Despite the high levels of security, be vigilant of your baggage before it gets checked. No one wants any unexpected surprises while going through customs because someone put something extra in your bags. 

Is Customer Service Better? 

FBOs tend to have superior customer service because they can offer personalized service. Not only that, they like to pamper the crew. Many FBOs offer courtesy cars to the crew, catering and even provide flight planning centers for the pilots.This means that when the crew gets on board they are well-rested and stress-free. A happy crew is more likely to return the favor and give you the best flight experience possible. 

What If I Do Have to Wait? 

Maybe you got there early and the plane hasn’t arrived yet.

Perhaps some unforeseen circumstances kept the plane from arriving on time. Whatever the case, sometimes you have to wait.

Don’t fret. If you’re taking off from an FBO, it’ll be one of the most pleasant waiting experiences of your life.

FBOs go to great lengths to keep passengers comfortable and well entertained. Many FBO lobbies have lounge chairs, big-screen TV’s, Wi-Fi access and work stations.

In most cases, you won’t even have to worry about food. Drinks and food are often provided to you so you don’t have to go hunt it down yourself. 

As a general rule, you won’t even have time to enjoy the luxurious lobbies. It isn’t uncommon to get ushered directly from the security checkpoint to the plane. 

What Are the Other Amenities and Services Offered? 

As the demand for private aviation grows, so too does the variety of amenities offered by FBOs.

Concierge Services

Having a concierge service at an FBO is like having your own personal assistant. The attendant can help you book hotels, make dinner reservations and finalize travel arrangements. 

Conference Rooms

Need a quiet place to hold a business meeting before you take off or after you land? Many FBOs come equipped with the perfect space for your conference so you can attend to business even when you’re on the move.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Don’t worry about hailing a taxi. Your FBO may have a complimentary shuttle service that can take you to your hotel or wherever you need to be. They won’t even charge you for it. It’s all part of your FBO experience. 

On-Site Bars, Cafe’s, Hotels and More

The most luxurious FBOs can cater to your every whim. They have on-site bars to take the edge off, cafe’s for a shot of caffeine and hotels for a comfortable night’s sleep.  There are even some FBOs with a built-in theater room so you can relax and catch a movie before your flight. 

You can read more about the advantages of private flight in this article. 

Ready for Your FBO Experience? 

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