Five Star Service: Why Private Jets Are The Only Way to Travel

When making your travel plans here are some undeniable reasons why private jet travel is the only way to go.

Looking for the best way to travel?

Frequent air travel is a must nowadays. This is because a lot of businesses operate in various locations, including across the global marketplace. It is also important that some meetings are conducted in person and onsite, versus a video conference. When traveling, some executives may find that the most common solution is to book multiple flights in a single day. This can be stressful and complicated. Delays, security, and other items out of your control can cost you potential business opportunities if they arise at the wrong time.

It’s why many executives and businesses are opting to fly via private jet instead! Private Jet travel is back on the rise and is a  more efficient and effective way to get to where you need to go. Read on to learn more about how private jets are the only way to travel.

1. Less Wait Time Before Flying

Nothing defines commercial airlines like delays. Most people complain about unexpected delays that hit their flight. Depending on the purpose of your travel, this can be the worst thing to happen to you.

When you travel via private jets, though, you won’t experience this problem. This is because of the FBO experience that comes with jet travel.

The experience begins when you enter their establishment. You won’t find “gate” like when flying commercial airlines. Most people often get lost in airports they’re unfamiliar with.

You also need not wait for TSA to check your baggage. This often causes the most delays because of the number of people they need to screen. Dedicated staff will check your luggage as soon as you reach their front desk.

This will save you a lot of time and will get your onboard as soon as possible. Your experience will be to arrive at the FBO, be escorted onto the “ramp” where you exit your vehicle and walk out onto your awaiting flight. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. 

2. Faster Flights than Commercial Airlines

The best reason to use private jets to travel is to get to your destination faster. This is because private jets don’t have a specific route tying them down nor are they waiting to board a hundred other passengers. Once you or you’re team is on board, your pilot will be taxiing to the runway. 

Being smaller and lighter means they don’t consume as much fuel as commercial airplanes do. This means they need not settle down in another place to refuel if your destination is close enough. It’s often mandatory for airlines to do this because of their size.

Private jets also climb higher faster than commercial airlines do. This means there’s less traffic for them to deal with. This will also make your trip less troublesome along the way.

3. Cheaper Costs

Most people believe that air travel via private jets is more expensive. The whole concept justifies this line of thinking. This then leads them to fly via commercial airlines to save money.

What they don’t know is that there may be a time/value component that needs to be looked at to travel via private jets. This will depend on the company and the traveling situation. The best case is if you’re traveling with a group of people.

Commercial airlines will charge you per head. The total cost of the group can cost more than what you’d spend on a private jet.

Private jet companies have a fixed rate that depends on the distance of the trip. Having enough people can make the trip a steal, especially when the time / value component is estimated. Nothing can steal productivity faster from your company than a poorly thought out commercial airline. 

4. Better for the Environment and the Economy

There’s a big stigma surrounding private airlines. People often say that they’re among the leading causes of global warming. They may solve the problem, instead.

Private jets are greener than some might think because of their efficiency. Their small size means they’re more efficient with fuel consumption. They leave a smaller carbon footprint in 2 trips than a commercial flight does in 1.

Private airlines also create more job opportunities for everyone. This ensures that everyone contributes to the economy and help keep money circulating. This helps the economy in your country be better and healthier for everyone else.

5. Less Stressful When You’re Onboard

What people dread most during a flight is someone who doesn’t follow basic travel etiquette. This often means that children are running around on board, causing chaos. You need not worry about any of that during your flight in a private jet.

You’ll experience the ultimate luxury and comfort during your flight, instead. That’s the beauty of traveling alone or with people you know. You can do whatever your group desires for entertainment as long as it doesn’t damage the plane.

You can also take this time to work on important matters. A calm environment can also help you improve your productivity during the flight.

6. More Flexible Time Tables

Another great thing about private airlines is the flexibility it offers you. You have control over your time-table when you rent a jet. This means that you need not worry about any random delays when you reach the establishment.

Companies will always have a jet available for you for the time you’ve booked. You also have control over the aircraft to suit your needs. You have a choice to make between business or social aircraft.

You can even change destinations even during the flight. This is a useful fact to know when you have sudden changes in your plans. You can even have them land in a smaller airport if it’s closer to your

7. Impeccable Cuisine During Your Flight

Airlines always have people holding their breath for their food. It’s always hit or miss depending on the airline company. Private airlines will always have amazing food, though.

The most common cause for bad airline food is the number of people the chefs have to cook for. This can cause them to rush, leading to undercooked food.

When you’re in a private jet, though, there are fewer people for the chef to worry about. This means they have more time to prepare ingredients, cook the food, and be amazing with the plating.

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Jet travel is a great way to get around to where you need to go. Read about the benefits of private airlines and book a flight today!

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