7 Benefits of Flying on Private Jets to New York

Are you planning a business trip to New York? If it is for yourself or your employees, then there has never been a better time to travel on a private jet. Not only are they becoming more cost-effective, but they also are safer, afford more privacy, and lots of luxury.

The benefits are endless. However, we have managed to get them down to the top 7 reasons you must consider private jets for your trip to New York. 

1. It Avoids Wasting Time

Anyone who has ever been in New York City traffic knows how gridlocked the city can get. Small journeys can take hours, and you must plan accordingly. Add that to the flight time, and time spent waiting in lengthy airport queuing systems, and you can easily spend a day just traveling to a hotel. 

Flying private allows you to claim some of this time back by cutting out the long airport check-in and baggage lines. All this security, boarding, and collection time add a large backlog. This is the time that you could be working.

When flying to New York privately, you will have your own security line. You can depart as and when you wish. In addition, private airports will be closer to the city with less traffic congestion around them. 

2. It Increases Privacy

Privacy is becoming a huge commodity. As it becomes easier to access information about where people are, and where they are going at any given time, you need to stay safe. You will not find that type of privacy on a commercial flight. 

With a private jet, you will be escorted to the private waiting room. After a few minutes, the pilot and flight crew will meet you and take you to the aircraft. This means you will not have any inference or bother from others in the departure lounge. 

Once airborne, you will have the aircraft to yourself. No other passengers will be around to hassle you, make noise, or overhear your private conversations. 

3. Health

Flying to New York commercially in the post-pandemic world is not one of the most sanitary trips you will make. The commercial hubs, while doing everything they can to remain safe, have thousands of passengers per day. John F Kennedy airport is the biggest transport hub in North America, making it a potential hot spot for illness. 

Private terminals have very limited numbers of passengers. You will interact with very few people, meaning the chance of catching contagions decreases. With the private lounge affording more space and fewer travelers than a commercial one, the risk is decreased even further. 

Then you have the aircraft. It has fewer people onboard, and fewer touchpoints than a normal aircraft. You can rest assured your journey will be much safer. 

4. It Provides Extra Comfort

It goes without saying that any private jet flight will be much more comfortable than a commercial flight. Even business and first-class travel have nothing on a private flight. You will also get a personalized experience from the ground and cabin crew. 

The extra amenities available on a private jet are far in advance. From more cabin space and more comfortable chairs to shower rooms, bedrooms, and better catering you will have everything you need. Don’t forget that your pets are also invited, so if your dog needs to come along and be pampered they can also join in. 

5. Value for Money

The cost of a private jet is actually surprisingly less than many people think. In fact, they are not that dissimilar to business and first-class tickets on commercial flights. If you have a group of staff or business associates flying with you, then hiring a private jet becomes even more cost-effective. 

You should also weigh the cost up against the money you will lose in transit with commercial airlines. That extra three hours stood in luggage and the departure lounge could equate to lost profit. In comparison to the amount of money you will be likely to spend in New York city on accommodation and food, then it begins to pale in comparison. 

6. Increases Productivity 

Layovers in airports can be time-consuming. They mean that employees are only working sporadically. If you are sending a large portion of your team to a destination, this can be a lot of lost labor. 

Private jets are ideal for working while traveling. In large groups, you can do anything you would do in the office or boardroom. This can include discussions, decision making, and presentations. 

If you are flying alone, then the silence and privacy afforded creates the ideal conditions to work. You will have all the equipment you need, including a fantastic, comfortable workspace. 

7. Availability of Airports for Private Jets

New York City has a number of private airports that you can fly into. This brings you closer to your target destination and means you do not have the fuss associated with a commercial airport. In total, there are at least 11 airports in the New York City Metro area. 

There are also a number of helicopter pads in and around the city, including Wall Street, East 34th Street, and West 30th Street. If you need an executive helicopter charter to reach these areas quickly and safely, then it can be arranged from one of the many private airports you will land at. 

Find a Trusted Private Jet Provider

When flying in and out of New York, you need to find a trusted private jet provider. Make sure you search a number of companies and see who has the best reviews for customer satisfaction and service. 

Your first stop should be the Republic Jet Centre. We are a full-service FBO that delivers an unparalleled level of customer service and safety to the luxury private jet industry. Click here for a quote and let us take the strain out of your next business trip!

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