Once You Take a Private Jet You’ll Never Look Back: Here’s Why

Find out why once you take a private jet you’ll never look back in this comprehensive article detailing all the benefits of flying private.

As time goes on, Americans are increasingly traveling by private jets, so why haven’t you taken one?

Flying in a private jet is one of the best ways to travel, but many people avoid them because they don’t think they have the money, and reasonably so. Private jets offer many more amenities than commercial flights and take comfort to another level.

However, anyone can take a private plane because they’re just as affordable as a commercial flight. In many cases, you may end up spending less money on a private flight.

While this is just one reason to take a private jet, we’ll cover all the other benefits of flying one so you can change your mind.

Here’s why you’ll never look back after flying in a private jet!

Be Safer When Flying

One of the main benefits of flying private is being able to protect your health. With FBO services, you can board a private plane with much fewer passengers than you would on a commercial airline. This not only prevents you from getting sick, but it also gives you more room to move around safely.

Aside from being safe on the plane, the boarding process requires less work than a commercial flight. Instead of going through an entire airport to get to your flight, you can go through a few touchpoints and board within minutes.

Private Flying Is Affordable

Many people have the misconception that taking private jets is expensive, but they’re actually affordable. If you charter a medium-sized private plane from New York to Miami, the flight will cost $10,000. When splitting the flight with 9 others, you’d only have to spend $1,000, which is comparable to many commercial flights.

Similar to commercial flight companies, you can enroll in frequent flyer programs to further reduce flight expenses. You can also participate in fractional owner programs, which make it much easier to travel more often via private jets.

Save Time When Arriving

In a typical commercial flight setting, you must enter the airport, get your bags checked, and proceed to your terminal. Along the way, you’ll go through several checkpoints to ensure you’re not carrying anything dangerous. You can also visit all the restaurants and stores before you catch a flight.

This entire process can take hours, especially if you’d like to eat something before leaving. However, taking a private jet lets you reduce that time down to minutes.

Instead of having to go through a plethora of checkpoints, you can get your bags checked and head immediately to the terminal. Instead of waiting with others, you’ll take your bags and walk along the airstrip to your jet.

Taking private jets makes it much easier to create a schedule because of their exclusive customs processes. While you can roam the airport, you won’t be forced to go through long waits as hundreds of other people attempt to check bags and go through checkpoints. 

Have More Privacy During the Flight

Although private planes are often smaller than commercial planes, they offer much more space because of how few passengers there are. This will provide you with both added security and privacy.

To board a private plane, you’ll go through a private terminal. Anyone that isn’t boarding that plane won’t be allowed to enter the terminal.

These private terminals come with lounges and work areas so you can stay busy before the flight. You can expect to have a lot of space to yourself because these areas are just as large as the others throughout the airport.

Take Advantage of Comfort and Amenities

While the private terminal can provide a ton of comfort, the real comfort comes from within the plane itself. Shortly after boarding a private plane, you’ll see a ton of seating options that you’d see in the first-class section of a commercial flight.

Depending on the private plane you’re flying, you can sit in chairs that convert into beds, play table games with others, and more. Each private plane offers different amenities, but you can take advantage of everything they offer.

One of the best benefits of flying private is being able to bring pets without having to pay extra fees. You can also bring liquids, so enjoy a nice glass of champagne as you fly to any destination. 

If you use our private concierge services, you can book hotels, restaurants, and more events at ease. You can also take private limos to any destination you’d like, letting you get the most out of your private jet experience. 

Stay Productive

Whether you’re in the terminal or on the plane, you can take your work with you. To provide you with the most luxury, private planes come with high-speed internet so you can stream video and work on whatever you want.

You’ll also have access to various outlets throughout the cabin that can charge your devices. In many cases, they sit near tables and desks that make for great workstations when you bring a laptop.

If you’re traveling with work colleagues, you can turn the cabin into a conference room. Many private plans have movable tables and rotating seats, so you should never have an issue organizing something.

Consider Taking a Private Jet the Next Time You Travel

After reading this article, you now know why all the top CEOs and celebrities take private planes whenever they travel. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, you can fly in a private jet and save more money than you would with a commercial flight.

We encourage you to start planning your next trip as soon as possible. From there, you can look into various private plane options to make your trip the best one you’ll ever take.

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