How Incentives by Jet Plane Services Have Increased During COVID-19

While public airports and flights have seen a sharp and sudden drop in travelers, the same cannot be said for private flights.

Bookings of private jets have actually spiked during the coronavirus. This is likely due to the relative safety of smaller aircraft, as well as smaller airports and facilities.

But despite this spike in bookings, the industry is still looking to help travelers save money and boost bookings. This is true not just of private flights but of other amenities offered, like plane storage or parking, as well.

Keep reading to learn some of the incentives that jet plane services are offering at this time.

Extensive Cleaning of Facilities

While it may not seem like an incentive, this is one of the most important things that jet plane services are currently doing for their customers.

Travelers come in from a variety of cities and states. This means that airports, and even small ones, have the potential to become hot-spots for spreading the coronavirus.

But thanks to extensive cleaning measures, jet services are keeping their facilities safe. This allows pilots, crews, and passengers to stay safe and healthy.

Capping Capacity

Jet plane service centers that offer private jet charters are taking additional measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Some private jet charters have chosen to put a cap on the number of people who can be on each scheduled flight. 

Social-distancing guidelines require no more than 10 people in any gathering. You also need to maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals. But private charters are a necessity and have continued operations.

But jet services are choosing not to fill every seat. One private charter service has capped their flyer number at 20 people per flight at this time.

Free Parking and Handling Fees

Parking and handling fees are common at private jet service centers. These range in cost depending on the airport and the jet service facilities that are available to pilots and passengers.

Sometimes these parking and handling fees are waived if a pilot pays for a certain amount of gas while at the facility. But it’s very rare for them to be waived in other situations. After all, leaving space for aircraft to park and managing their handling while on a property can be very expensive for those jet services.

But Republic Jet Center is looking to help those pilots who are continuing to fly at this time. In an effort to save them some cash, Republic Jet Center is currently waiving all parking and handling fees.

The hope is that pilots will pay it forward in the industry. They might pay for gas or other services to help fuel income for other businesses related to aviation during this difficult time. 

However, no proof of this is required to enjoy the free parking and handling at this time.

Other Amenities You’ll Always Enjoy with Republic Jet Center 

Republic Jet Center is offering waived parking and handling fees now. But those are far from the only way that they are helping travelers deal with the changes brought on by COVID-19.

In fact, many of the existing amenities already offered are particularly useful at this time.

Transportation Assistance

The FAA has temporarily reduced operating hours at many of their control towers across the U.S. As a result, the hours when private jets can travel may be restricted at this time.

If you need to travel a long distance, this might mean that you’ll need to stay overnight before continuing on your journey. Doctors and other essential workers may also find themselves needing to stop over shortly before continuing on elsewhere.

Republic Jet Center always offers transportation assistance for passengers and crew. Crew members are provided a courtesy car for their use while the jet that they operate is parked at the facility.

Our Concierge can also help to coordinate any ground transportation needed during your stay. We can even arrange a charter helicopter flight to Manhattan or the Hamptons. This makes it easy to move around quickly so that you can complete any work that needs done and continue on your journey as soon as possible.

Long Term Hangar Storage

With travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines in place in many cities and states, travelers may find themselves stuck in one place for some time.

With long term hangar storage available, pilots and passengers can park their aircraft for as long as they need to in New York. When their quarantine period is over or things have begun to go back to normal, their craft will be waiting and ready for them.

On-site Maintenance, Inspection, and Routine Serving

Today, 1 out of every 4 small businesses in the U.S. are shut down temporarily. While restaurants and stores are the ones making the headlines, these closures are effecting businesses in nearly every industry.

This certainly includes the aviation industry.

If you need maintenance, routine servicing, or an inspection, on-site services are available. These are always convenient. But between closures and travel restrictions, they are even more so.

Maintenance is incredibly important during long periods of grounding. At Republic Jet Services, you can ensure that your aircraft is being properly maintained, even if it’s forced to stay grounded during the coming weeks and months.

Booking Your Jet Plane Services

Whether you need to charter a private flight or park your own plane, these jet plane service incentives can help you save money during this trying time.

To learn more about how Republic Jet Center is helping travelers at this time, contact us today.

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