Guide to Choosing the Right Business Jet FBO

Business Jet FBO

Tips to Select the Right Business Jet FBO for Your Needs

Executives who travel for business require more than the standard amenities offered by the majority of FBOs. En route to their destination, they need to continue working seamlessly, whether in flight or on the ground during a brief layover. WiFi, and comfortable, quiet, productivity-oriented surroundings are a must. When their company jet touches down for refueling and possible maintenance, a dreary, auto dealership-type waiting room will not suffice.

Ideally, any waiting facility should have welcome amenities, such as comfortable seating, in spaces that allow for collaboration in a light, airy, and spacious location. In addition, a self-serve coffee and beverages bar, with snacks available, would offer a brief, but welcome respite while their plane is being serviced. On the topic of service, competitive fuel prices and the superior avionic maintenance and repair, found in a FAR Part -145 FAA- certified facility ensure minimal wait times and the highest quality work. In short, the right FBO is a business jet FBO.

What Criteria to Use to Select an Private Jet FBO

Not long ago, private jets had limited options when selecting a business jet FBO. It was chosen by location alone. Today, however, it has become increasingly common for a private airport to support more than one FBO. Among these FBOs, amenities and costs can vary widely. Here are some tips to simplify your FBO selection process:

  1. What services does the FBO offer? If it offers just plane refueling and maintenance, this is not an optimal choice for the business traveler.
  2. Consistency is key to a successful pit stop. Is the business jet FBO associated with a leading FBO services provider? For example, the international FBO organization, Signature Flight Support partners with FBOs worldwide to provide its members with wanted amenities and consistently superior services and facilities.
  3. In addition to a lounge, does the waiting facility offer conference rooms for collaborative work?
  4. Does the facility provide Concierge Services to assist in making dining and lodging reservations, or to arrange for ground transportation, and even recreational activities?
  5. Is short or long-term plan storage available? Frequently, routine maintenance uncovers a potential problem which must be repaired. The ability to store and hangar your aircraft, as needed is a boon to protecting your investment.

A member of Signature Select®, Republic Jet Center, headquartered in Farmingdale, New York, has provided this guide for the convenience of frequent business flyers, their pilots, and crew. This FBO recently opened a new, 30,000 square foot facility that includes state-of-the-art avionic maintenance and repair, as well as an upscale lounge and conference center, that includes Concierge Services. For more information please contact Republic Jet Center at (631) 881-9520.

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