The Top 10 Reasons Why Republic Jet Center KFRG Is Your Best FBO

Major airlines have been getting a lot of flak in the last couple of years, and honestly? It’s for good reason.

Flights with major airlines are more expensive and lower quality than they used to be. Paying for luxury seats and a club membership with a commercial airline used to solve the problem, but it’s such a hassle, and you can’t rely on airlines’ flight schedules to get you to your last-minute plans, anyway.

Thankfully, you’ve figured it out: Flying private is the solution for you, and it doesn’t get any easier than with Republic Jet Center at Republic Airport (KFRG).

Here are the top 10 reasons you should make us your New York fixed base operation:

1. State-of-the-Art Facilities

You’re in luck: Now is the ideal time to be looking for an FBO in New York.

Republic Jet Center North, opening in Spring 2020, is proud to be KFRG Airport’s newest premium FBO. If you jump in right now, you can reserve a spot for your aircraft and be prepared for all your New York travel needs going into the next business quarter.

2. Forget Your Security Woes

What’s everybody’s biggest gripe about commercial travel? Naturally, the first thing to come to mind is those pesky security lines, right?

Long TSA lines are a pain, and even with PreCheck™, you still have to wait at least a little while. A lot of people confuse security facts when looking at private flights:

  • You don’t have to go through TSA when flying private
  • TSA services and customs are still available to private flyers
  • Republic Jet Center offers 24-hour surveillance
  • Secure parking is available onsite, not just through the main airport

3. We Value Your Privacy

Flying commercial isn’t very private, even if you fly premium class and wait in a VIP lounge.

Major airlines can claim they value your business all they want, but if you visit us at Republic Airport, you’ll see the difference from the moment you walk into our exclusive, modern facilities.

We understand your time is in high demand, so we’re here to help you cherish those little quiet moments you get all to yourself.

4. Treat Yourself to Luxury Amenities 

You’ve worked hard to get to this point, so why not let yourself be pampered for a little bit? You’ve earned it!

Here are a few things we offer to make your travel more comfortable:

  • Refreshments: bottled water, tea, hot cocoa, popcorn, fruit
  • Entertainment: reading material, internet
  • A snooze room to help cope with red-eye flights
  • Best of all, accommodations for the biggest stress relievers: pets!

5. Elite Business Solutions

Relaxing is important, but for workaholics living life in the fast lane, traveling commercial often feels like torture.

It’s hard to find decent WiFi, harder to find an electrical outlet, nearly impossible to find a halfway-quiet place to settle down and work while you wait, and printing? Forget about it.

Make us your FBO at The Republic Farmingdale, travel private, and all that will change.

We offer business solutions so that you don’t have to worry about missing work during your travels. Use our computers, WiFi, printing, copying, fax services, and more for all your business needs.

6. The Best Care for Your Aircraft

Sure, some hobby aviators love to spend lots of thought, time, and hard work into maintaining their planes, but for most of us…What’s the point of being able to pay for a private jet just to deal with all that?

Republic Jet Center boasts KFRG’s only Part 145 repair station to accommodate almost all the maintenance you typically need, and contracts with six quality fuel manufacturers to keep your jet cruising.

7. Simplify Your Entire Trip

We don’t just have everything for your in-the-moment needs—We can make your entire trip easier than you ever thought possible.

Use our concierge services for practically anything you could need during your time in New York, including but not limited to local hotels, restaurants, transportation, and catering.

8. Streamline Buying and Selling

Are you between planes, looking to add a new vehicle to your fleet, or to sell and free up room for other expenses? Believe it or not, Republic Jet Center can help you with that, too.

Our aircraft sales program helps you get the best price for your aircraft, and pay a fair price for the plane you buy to replace it, too.

9. All the Space You Need

Can you imagine all these premium services jammed into one little airport VIP lounge? Of course not…That’s absurd!

Our wide selection of services makes more sense when you know our FBO is a big deal, occupying over 150,000 square feet between our North and West Jet Centers. Make no mistake: Private doesn’t have to mean “small,” and we’re proof.

We’re happy to say we can be your FBO, whether your business is just getting started or already booming.

10. It’s Worth It: Quality Guaranteed

Republic Jet Center is certified as a Signature Select FBO. What that means is that you have our word that the services we bring you are high-quality and worth every cent we charge.

Not only that, but by flying Signature Select with Republic, you gain access to and can earn rewards with other great Signature Select FBOs all around the globe. Republic Jet Center is proud to be an official part of this convenient network of travel homes away from home!

Make Republic Jet Center KFRG Your New York FBO Today

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your next trip with Republic Jet Center today and tap into all the benefits available, or contact us with any leftover questions.

Working with a quality FBO is the best way to guarantee a smooth and comfortable private flight for yourself, your business associates and others close to you.

Our services are like no other—We promise you’ll feel the difference right off the bat!

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