Republic Jet Center: The Best of The Best FBO Airports

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FBO Airports: What Are We?

We’re Republic Jet Center, a fixed base operator (FBO) that’s been granted the right by an airport authority to provide private jet facilities and aviation services, such as parking and hangar space and fuel to the General Aviation community.

Republic Jet Center is based at Republic Airport on Long Island, just 30 minutes from New York City.  

What We Offer

Different FBOs offer different levels of service and facilities. Here’s why we think our services are a cut above the rest:


We are very close to New York City. Most helicopter trips are only 14 minutes away to New York.  Situated at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island, we’re just 30 miles from Manhattan and close to major road arteries such as the Sunrise Highway and Long Island Expressway. Republic Airport is the perfect option for avoiding congested, delay ridden airports in  New Jersey and other locations. We also have hangar space available. 

We are also not impacted by the delays and wait times associated with other area airports. Since customs is on the field, we are able to help international flights get in and on their way quickly. 

We’re also close to attractive shopping and dining destinations and historical and outdoor attractions.  

Outstanding Facilities

Anyone looking for an FBO in their desired location should expect and be at the receiving end of high-end facilities for themselves, their passengers, their flight crew, and their aircraft.

Our facilities extend to not only a luxurious lobby in our 90,000 sq ft+ facility, but self-serve drinks and snacks that you can enjoy in our equally elegant lounge with plush seating and tremendous views.

Kick back and relax on one of our comfortable couches and watch the large flatscreen TV until you’re ready to move on. We even have a luxury fireplace for colder winter months.  

Concierge service is available to make hotel and dinner reservations and private catering arrangements.


We offer helicopter charters to Manhattan, which is just a 14-minute hop away! You can also check out the Hamptons and beyond. If you prefer to reach your destination by land, our concierge service can also arrange for limousine or car hire if you prefer.

We’ve partnered with Prime Jet LLC to offer our customers a New York Express Package.

If you fly your New York City Gulfstream Charter with Prime Jet into Republic Jet Center at Republic Airport, we throw in a private six-passenger Sikorsky S-76 helicopter transfer to and from downtown Manhattan, saving you $1,900.  

If you prefer dry land, we’ll provide Prime Jet customers with a complimentary luxury SUV transfer to the value of $500. 

Looking After Your Aircraft

We’re more than just an aircraft landing and parking facility. Our affiliation with the prestigious Signature FBO network means we can provide top of the line and on-site aircraft maintenance and repair.

You’re in the right hands if you need access to: 

  • Aircraft oil and fuel
  • Aircraft deicing and equipment
  • Baggage cart
  • GPU
  • Lav cart services
  • Lift services including a forklift for aircraft loading
  • Potable water carrier
  • Tug up to 175,000 lbs

We can also inspect your aircraft and offer routine services. All our repair and maintenance team are FAA certified Avionics Technicians who work at our on-site Part 145 Repair Station. It’s state of the art! 


It’s our top priority. We are certified to meet and exceed FAA safety and performance standards. Our crew and maintenance technicians work on such measures to provide you with the safest and best service. 

Our round-the-clock security surveillance at Republic Jet Center offers you peace of mind that we have your safety and best interests at heart 24/7/365.

Signature Select™ Network: How We Reward You and Your Crew

Republic Jet Center is part of the Signature Select™ Network, and this gives all our customers access to the top of the range facilities that we’ve already mentioned. Not only that, but it means you can make a reservation with us online with ease.

We like to reward our loyal customers through our Signature Tailwins Rewards™ Silver, Gold, and Platinum programs.

Each program offers special rewards such as priority-hangar privileges, free handling, and the chance to earn up to 10 times more Signature TailWins® points on European transactions.  

Signature TailWins® offers crew members points with every fuel purchase and eligibility to participate in some of our Signature Select™ promotions. Points can be redeemed onto a reloadable cash card or via attractive gift options. 

Aircraft Sales

We’re more than just a luxurious gateway into New York City. If you’re interested in buying or selling an aircraft, we can help.

Our experienced and knowledgeable private jet sales team will work with you to find the best private jet for all your domestic and international travel requirements. 

We can guide you through:

  • Research
  • The buying process
  • Contracts
  • Negotiating prices and expenses
  • Pre-buy inspection
  • Closing the sales

We’ll also help you find the right accounting and legal firms to handle the sale. 

If, however, you have a private jet to sell, we have excellent contacts with brokers we can work with to find you a buyer. We’ll also market your jet for you with crucial target publications, so you find a buyer as soon as possible. 

Before The Trip

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that we’re the best of the best FBO airports. Our premier location and services make us the go-to gateway to New York City. 

If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, don’t hesitate to contact us before planning your flight. We operate 24/7/365, so we’re entirely at your disposal. We look forward to serving you soon.

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