How to Find the Best FBO Airport in New York

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Are you thinking about using FBO in New York? If so, this guide will walk you through how to choose the best FBO to suit your needs

You’ve been in a holding pattern above Tetoboro for so long that your adrenaline is pumping and your eyes dart back and forth obsessively at the fuel gauge. Your passenger was already running late and it’s probable that they’ll be missing that board meeting at 9am. To top it off – instrutements are indicating a possible mechanical issue that is going to need to be looked at.

Are you going to be able to get the issue inspected and fixed in time for the next scheduled departure? Are your passengers going to miss their critical business meeting, causing irreparable damage to client relationship?

Perhaps you should have done a little more FBO New York homework! Whether you’re a private pilot or business aviaton, we’ll give you the checklist you need to figure out where to why you should be headed to the right FBO.

Time to get Downtown

Nobody wants to play “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” It’s the most frustrating thing in the world to zip through 99% of your journey, only to get slowed to a crawl on the final leg. 

You know from (ususally frustrating) experience that the likeklihood of being in a holding pattern doing lazy circles above New York and Jersey is a virtual certainty. 

If the private party starts in Manhattan in half an hour and your in hold, it might be a stretch to make it. That’s why we think you should keep this in mind when you charter in New York.

Our FBO is just 30 miles from Manhattan and is conveniently located for the Long Island Expressway and Sunrise Highway. Republic Jet Center is also a short 14-minute Helicopter ride to Downtown Manhattan and we can also take you to the Hamptons if you wish.

Since partnering with Prime Jet, we’ve found the perfect solution to bypass the problem of New York City congestion, by taking to the skies again!

What Services Do They Offer?

It seemed like the perfect airport when the flight fuel stop was scheduled, but an unexpectedly early nor’easter has thrown a wrench in the works. If the FBO you choose doesn’t have solid de-icing services (like Republic Jet Center), then you better book a room!

Services can vary wildly for various New York airports, but you’ll need to contrast and compare when considering your client’s needs. While researching, if you don’t see around-the-clock security and surveillance listed, you might want to consider us.

While you might enjoy our pilots’ lounge and flight planning center, there’s one service that we provide that we’re labeling as essential – Lav cart services!

Choose Republic Jet Center and you won’t need to give these premier benefits a second thought. With a 90,000 sq ft+ airplane hangar and comprehensive “white glove” FBO services, you and your clients will make the most of your time. 

Size Matters

You’re tasked with transporting a popular band from LA to NY. At the time you selected the FBO, you didn’t have much leeway with the aircraft weight. 

At short notice, you get a call from the band manager. They need to transfer some vintage recording equipment from the home of the lead singer to the producer’s studio.

Suddenly the aircraft exceeds the tug limit.

If you’re flying in with a larger jet or heavy cargo, you might need to double-check the jet services. We can tow up to 175,000 lbs. Another advantage of using us as your FBO in New York.

We also provide lift services, including forklift for loading, so your passengers can trust us with their priceless selection of 1950s microphones.

Timing Is Everything

You’re a corporate pilot, dropping off your passengers on a one-way journey. You watch them chauffeured away, all smiles. A wave of sadness washes over as it dawns on you that the weather window has closed for the foreseeable future.

While the passenger’s main concern is focused on getting to the office in the heart of New York, the pilot is going to want to factor in other potential delays.

Teterboro, New Jersey? If only you’d picked a less busy airport, you might just have made it out. We can’t control the weather, but we can control stress, by making better choices. Republic Jet Center benefits from full concierge services, to make an unscheduled layover as enjoyable as possible.

Long Island airports, like ours, offer lighter traffic than some of the other more popular ones. KFRG – Republic Airport, suffers no hold times, in or out, getting you on the ground (and on your way) faster.

A Quick Fix

Remember that maintenance issue that happened you noticed on take-off? Now the passengers have been dropped off and whisked downtown, it’s time to get it looked at.

When there’s a problem that needs addressing, it can be a nightmare at some of the other airports. At this point, you’ll wish you’d picked a location that allows extended on-site access.

The FBO jet services that we offer stand head and shoulders above the competition. We’re an FAA Part 145 Maintenance and Repair Station, providing access to superior service. Our skillful Avionics Technicians are FAA-certified for inspections, routine servicing, and repairs.

We have aircraft parts and oil available, among other unparalleled signature services. While the damage is repaired, how about relaxing in a luxurious new 100,000 square foot lobby?

Found your FBO New York?

We’ve guided you through all of the important considerations and given you a checklist. Now it’s time to find the FBO New York that ticks all the right boxes.

Would you like one more tip before you “make it fly?” Republic Jet Center in Farmingdale, New York is a luxury brand aviation operator at Republic Airport.

We benefit from a perfect score in all of the above criteria, so make a reservation now!

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