Flying Privately: The Benefits for Business Travel

Flying privately may not be the cheapest option, but the benefits for business travelers can outweigh the costs. We take a look at the time/value proposition.

Thinking about flying privately for your next business trip? You don’t have to own a corporate jet or make millions to afford private air travel. Private planes are more affordable than you think. 

Even if you pay more than you would when flying commercially, the higher cost is often worth it for the benefits you get. 

Keep reading to consider why your next work trip should be on a private plane.

Greater Scheduling Flexibility

When you fly commercially, you’re limited to the scheduled flights on a given day. If you’re flying during the off-season or to smaller airports with fewer flights, your options are likely limited. 

If you have layovers, you don’t often have a choice in where they are or how long they last. You could spend several hours at an airport due to a lengthy layover. 

Booking a private plane lets you choose the departure time. Instead of leaving at 5 AM when you don’t have a meeting until that evening, you can leave in the afternoon and arrive shortly before your meetings start.

You also have more flexibility for airport locations. Private planes can fly into much smaller airports, which can get you closer to your business meeting destination. Instead of landing at the nearest major airport and driving to a smaller town, you may be able to get a lot closer via jet to save you time.

Time Savings

Flying private saves you time throughout your traveling process. You may be able to schedule your flights so you can get home sooner than you would commercially. You may be able to avoid an overnight hotel stay because you can schedule your flight to get home the night before.

The check-in process is also faster. You have a private security line so you don’t have to wait in long screening lines. 

For a commercial flight, you’ll need to arrive at least 90 minutes to two hours before the flight. If you’re traveling at a peak time at a busy airport, you may need to get there even earlier.

When you fly private, you can arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the departure time. That saves you time on your travel day and means you’ll spend less time in airports.

The fixed-base operator (FBO) at the airport is where you’ll the hub where private jet services are provided. Here, you’ll have access to a private lounge where you can wait until your flight departs. You may have access to refreshments and other amenities through the FBO. 

When you arrive at your destination airport, you don’t have to wait for your luggage to reach the baggage claim area. The private jet staff gets your bags for you quickly so you get out of the airport faster.

No Missed Flights

If you’re running late to the airport for a commercial flight, don’t expect them to hold the plane for you. You’ll likely have to rebook your trip on a later flight, possibly even the next day.

You also run the risk of getting bumped from a flight due to overbooking. While it’s rare, it happens sometimes and could throw off your business meeting schedule.

If you fly privately, you have more flexibility in departure times. The jet will wait for you to arrive. Check the company’s policy to see if they automatically cancel a flight at a certain point, such as one hour past the departure time.

Greater Comfort

Commercial airlines aren’t known for their comfortable seats, especially if you’re flying coach. Private jets often have much more plush accommodations. You won’t have to worry about dealing with cramped quarters or lack of legroom.

Soft, comfortable seats with full reclining options let you fly in comfort and actually get sleep. Some private jets have beds available to passengers. This can help you arrive at your business meetings refreshed and ready to work instead of exhausted from a day of uncomfortable travel.


Tired of your seatmate looking over your shoulder while you try to work on the plane? You can’t control who’s around you in the airport or on a commercial flight. This makes it difficult to maintain your privacy and control the confidentiality of work files you might use while you travel.

Private jet travel lets you control who flies with you. You can have your business associates fly with you, or you can fly solo so you have complete privacy.

Working Opportunities

The privacy and space on a private jet make it easier for you to work while you travel. You can use your laptop comfortably on the flight. You can spread out other materials without worrying about them getting lost or seen by other people.

Multi-Destination Trips

If your work travel plans involve multiple cities, booking flights can get complicated and pricey. You may have difficulty finding flight times that work well for creating a multi-leg trip using commercial flights.

If you’re traveling between smaller airports, your flight options may be even more limited. You may not be able to find a direct flight, which makes your multi-leg trip even longer with extra layovers.

With a private jet, you can go exactly where you need to go. Since the scheduling is flexible, you’re not limited to only the commercial flights available between the cities. You can fly directly between two cities that don’t have any nonstop commercial flights between them, which can make your trip easier.

Fewer Restrictions

The FAA restrictions significantly limit what you can carry on to a commercial flight. You can’t carry on baseball bats or golf clubs.

On private flights, the restrictions are a lot looser on those items. That means the items you would otherwise have to check on a commercial flight can go with you in the cabin of a private plane.

You may even be able to bring your pet along with you in the cabin depending on the private jet company’s rules.

When flying privately, you’re in charge of the trip. Instead of following all of the restrictive guidelines from the airline, you get to decide how you travel.

Flying Privately for Business

If you travel frequently for business, flying privately can be a worthwhile investment. You increase your security, privacy, and comfort all while potentially saving a lot of time and stress on your flights.

If your private business travel takes you through Farmingdale, New York, check out our facilities and services to see if it’s a good stop for you.

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