FBO Facilities with Luxurious Amenities

Lounge at Republic Jet Center

Where your aircraft touches down can make the difference between a pleasant journey, or a frustrating trip. That’s because typical amenities at these facilities include FBO services for your aircraft, while the passenger, pilot and crews’ requirements are often overlooked. Even if your plane just needs fuel, there could be a long wait for service. No one wants to wait possibly hours on a grimy bench, watching a news feed. Many who travel on private aircraft are seeking FBOs that feature more upscale amenities and conveniences so that visit does not automatically mean a dreary downtime anymore.

Not long ago, a private jet trip was planned in accordance with destination, and the estimated time between fuel stops. Passenger and crew conveniences were an afterthought. Did you know that an airport can have several FBOs? In fact, not all FBOs are created alike. What was once a niche business, is now becoming more mainstream and competition is greater. When the playing field was level, gas prices were the primary attraction to choose one FBO over another. Today’s business travelers, and even those flying for recreational pursuits, demand more from an FBO visit or layover. Discriminating flyers are expecting more luxurious FBO services when they disembark on the tarmac.

Private business jet travelers require more from an FBO. In addition, they are seeking upscale corporate concessions as well as general aviation services. In flight, many business travelers continue to conduct business, and be served meals and snacks as needed. They need to fully utilize their time on the ground as well. Optimal FBO services facilities address these needs and provide luxuriously-appointed lounges equipped with WiFi, conference rooms for collaboration, and a self-service beverage and snack bar, too.

Fulfilling Passengers, Pilot and Crews’ Requirements

Perhaps the greatest amenity an FBO can offer, is a concierge who can see to their ground transportation, dining, lodging and even recreational requirements. This is especially useful if their aircraft requires extended maintenance. The comfort and needs of the pilot and crew are also considerations that the more advanced FBOs will have anticipated and met. These include on-site shower and even pilot lounges for individuals who must remain with the aircraft.

To conclude, as private jet travel increases, competition among FBOs will as well. The FBO services facility that consistently provides an elevated range of services and luxury amenities will gain the trust and repeat business from discriminating private jet travelers.

Republic Jet Center, an FBO that has partnered with Signature Select®, the leading FBO services management corporation, recently opened a new, upscale, 100,000 square foot facility. The structure includes an upscale lounge and conference center, concierge, and an FAA-certified maintenance and repair facility. For more information please contact Republic Jet Center at (631) 881-9520.

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