7 Situations Where You Should Hire a Private Jet

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You don’t need to be a rockstar or a CEO to travel in style. Here are 7 situations where you could consider hiring a private jet.

Have you had situations in the past where you’ve needed a private jet? Are you wondering if it’s a better option than just booking a seat on a commercial airline?

There are many situations in which it would be advantageous to hire a private jet to conduct your business. Doing so will help you cut time out of you and your VIP’s day. After all, time is everything!

See below for several situations in which you should consider hiring a private jet for your needs. Be sure to keep these in mind the next time you need luxury travel.

1. International Travel

If you fly internationally regularly, then you know one of the biggest setbacks can be going through customs. In fact, it can be the difference between arriving at your flight on time for take-off or not.

Not to mention that it wastes precious time. You have to plan to arrive several hours earlier most days just to get to the terminal at a reasonable time.

Flying internationally is made way easier when you hire a private jet, especially through Republic Jet Center. Our luxury Fixed Base Operator service (FBO) has customs on the field, which will save you several hours in your day.

2. Scouting New Business Locations

Perhaps you’re looking to grow your business by expanding it beyond your current physical location. Maybe you have someone that’s interested in franchising your brand.

Whatever the case might be, you probably have several office spaces, warehouses, or factories lined up to tour. Why not knock them all out in one day?

Booking a private flight can significantly reduce travel time, making it possible to see all the locations in one day. You’ll find that the luxury travel recharges you in between tours. 

You can book the private jet and have important VIPs such as your board members, executives, or potential business partners travel with you. This can provide them all with a luxury experience while strategizing where to expand your business.

3. Traveling to Smaller Airports

If you book a seat on a commercial airline, then you’re limited to the destinations that they have. 

You may have wondered in the past why there are so few options. Even though they can fly you to a city, their airport might be an hour away from the location you need to drive to.

The fact is that there may be smaller airports that are closer, but they’re unable to accommodate larger aircrafts. Meaning that your arrival options are limited simply due to the size of the plane.

This won’t be a problem when booking a private jet. They’re compact, meaning that any airport can accommodate their arrival. Now, if you find a smaller airport closer to where you’re conducting business, you can book a direct flight to it!

4. Emergency Situations

There are, of course, situations where wasting precious time isn’t an option. You might have a medical condition, medical donation situation, or to reach a relative faster. Things that, if you traveled by airline, would become a danger to you or someone else.

You no longer have to wait around for the next closest departure from a big-name airline. These days, a private jet can have you on your way within the hour.

That way, you won’t have to put unwanted stress to book the quickest trip. The private jet will make the accommodations and see to it that you arrive as quickly as possible.

5. Transporting Valuable Items

One of the biggest issues with flying a commercial airline is having to separate yourself from your highly-valuable items via bag check. There are some items in which separating yourself from them during the flight is not an option.

When booking a private jet, you can keep all of your items and belongings with you on the flight. They’ll be inspected before the flight, thus allowing you to take them on board.

If you have an item or two that you can’t afford to be separated from or risk them being packed on the wrong flight, then a private jet is always the best option.

6. Visiting Locations as Economically as Possible

If you’re a top-level executive, then you know how valuable time is. There are times where you need to be in 2 or 3 places in one day. How can you ensure that you can get to each place on time? How can you prioritize your meetings and tasks?

Flying by private jet makes this possible. It gives you an aircraft that’s entirely accommodating of your schedule, not the other way around.

It’s an economic option that allows you to fly from location to location as conveniently as possible. You’ll enjoy spending some down-time in a luxury jet during the flights.

7. Protecting Your VIPs

There are many situations in which you’ll want to protect your VIPs. Maybe it’s picking them up to arrive at your site for your meeting that day. Perhaps it’s taking them on a trip to see a new business building that you’ve just built.

Whatever the situation calls for, you want to make sure your VIPs are protected and treated the right way.

Booking a private jet for them will create an amazing first impression for your brand, ensure they fly safely, and get them to their destination on time. There’s no better way to fly!

Hire a Private Jet for Any of These Situations

Now that you’ve seen several situations in which you will want to hire a private jet, it is time to make your arrangements!

Perhaps this will be your first time flying private. If so, then be sure to read this article for what to expect on your first private jet flight.

To book a flight, please start by visiting our make a reservation page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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