7 Facts About Flying on Private Jets

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Flying on a private jet is a great way to travel in style. Here are 7 facts that you might not know about private air travel.

The United States makes up 49.7% of the world’s market for private jets. If you don’t like going through long security lines, removing your shoes, and cramming into a tiny commercial seat take another look at flying on a private jet. 

Flying privately is more accessible now than ever. This article has 7 facts about flying on a private jet that may surprise you. 

1. It Could Be Cheaper Than First-Class

It may sound too good to be true but if you are traveling with a group of people a private jet may be the cheaper option. If you are booking rows of first-class tickets for your group look into booking a private jet instead. 

The price can be evenly split between your group brining the cost down much lowered than it would have been if you had all flown first-class on a commercial airline. Amenities, fuel, and service are all included in the price of your trip when you choose private travel. 

Calculate the cost and see how much you can save on your next group business trip or family vacation. 

2. You Can’t Beat the Service

Private air travel has some of the best services around. First of all, you’ll feel relaxed, not crowded, and able to spread out during your flight. You won’t have to worry about landing times of catching your next gate, or how to navigate the airport.

It will be just you and your schedule as you fly. Companies offer service and comfort that is curated around your needs and wishes as you fly. Private jets give you the ultimate in-flight experience. 

The flexibility of flying on a private jet is comforting and allows you to relax for a little while before you reach your destination. You’ll arrive refreshed because you didn’t have to listen to a screaming baby or tell the person behind you to stop kicking your seat repeatedly for hours. 

3. Private Jets Are Just as Fast

It is a common misconception that when you choose private travel it takes longer to reach your destination. Truth be told private jets are just as fast as their commercial counterparts. 

The speed varies depending on the size of the aircraft. Obviously smaller planes will be a bit slower. 

However, when you choose to travel privately you skip the long lines at the airport, and that more than makes up for the lack of speed on some of the smaller planes. Less time spent on the ground and more time in the air means you’ll arrive at your destination quickly and without any delays. 

Flights are also more direct when you fly privately. You can go straight to your destination without making any unnecessary stops, which also saves a lot of time. 

4. VIP Private Lounges

Yes, flying on a private jet is a luxury and it comes with many perks such as your own private VIP lounge. Many private jets have their own check-in areas and lounges for their customers. Usually, these areas are more conveniently located. 

They offer high-end smaller VIP lounges which give travelers comfort and amazing service while you are waiting for your flight. These private airports may not have the same capacity as their commercial counterparts but that’s okay. 

You’ll feel like your the only traveler who matters when you take a private jet so go on and soak up the amenities while you wait to board. 

5. The Crew is Amazing

On a private jet, you will have a pilot, co-pilot, and crew. There is usually one flight attendant to serve you during the flight. Depending on the company you travel with you may be able to make special requests as well. 

Most private jet companies can accompany requests for additional staff to be on board for your flight. The staff are amazing and can meet any needs you may have. 

If you are flying for business as about having an in-flight secretary on board. If you are traveling for a vacation ask if they can bring a massage therapist or a flight attendant who knows how to make great cocktails. 

The sky is the limit with private air travel. If you can dream it up, chances are, they can provide it. 

6. Choose Your View

One of the coolest things about flying onboard a private jet is that you have some wiggle room to customize your own flight route. Of course, there are limitations for safety reasons and regulations from air-traffic control but speak to your flight coordinator to see if your route can be customized. 

Whether you want to make several stops to pick up additional guests, or if you want to see a gorgeous view your private jet will help accommodate your needs. Fly over the grand canyon at sunset or see New York’s skyline from the air. Anything is possible on your private flight. 

7. Safety is a Priority

A lot of people worry about the safety of air travel. Some people believe incorrectly the bigger the plane the safer you will be when flying. This is a common myth and we are happy to bust it. 

Flying on a private jet is at the least as safe as flying on a larger commercial airline and probably safer. 

Private jets have the same air safety and maintenance regulations in place and their commercial counterparts. Many private jet companies also have even stricter standards for maintenance. Private jets also tend to be much younger planes and they have newer technology. 

And when you fly on a private jet you always know who and what is on your flight at all times. This should give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the flight. 

Private Jets: The Best Way to Fly

Flying on a private jet is a bit of a luxury but once you’ve flown privately it is hard to go back to commercial ait travel. Use these 7 facts to get a flying start on your next trip via private jet. 

Republic Jet Center is a full-service FBO that offers customers an unparalleled level of service and safety. It’s our job to take care of the details so you can sit back and enjoy your flight. 

Make a reservation to start your trip from Farmingdale, New York, Republic Jet Center today. 

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