5 Things To Know About Private Charter Flights From A New York Airport

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Private Charter Airplane Window

Did you know that the US makes up 49.7% of the world market for private jets? With Europe making up 20.8%, the Asia Pacific making up 11.8%, Latin and South America making up 11.6%, and Africa and the Middle East making up 6.1%. 

If you’re thinking about embarking on your private charter flights, check out everything you need to know before you book your charter jet out of New York. 

What is a Private Charter Flight?

A private plane charter is a flight that is unscheduled and not part of a regular airline route. A private charter flight allows you to rent an entire aircraft and choose where you depart from and arrive at and what time. 

Charter flights are a more convenient way of traveling to a city, especially if other airlines have multiple connections or layovers which don’t suit your travel needs.

The main advantage of a private flight is that you get more privacy. Commercial flights mean that you have to share the plane with many other customers and go through a long security process. Whereas, private flights can depart from a private facility which is known as a Fixed Based Operator (FBO).  

There are more private airports in the US than public ones. There are 5,092 public airports and 14,530 private airports, so you have more choice of where you want to go from and to. 

How Much to Charter a Plane?

Despite what you might think, private jet charter pricing isn’t that expensive. The average starting price to hire a chartered jet is about $6,000. However, this is subject to change depending on a variety of factors.

Some factors that might change the price of a chartered plane include high winds, traffic, delays, and destinations. 

A good way to find a high-quality private jet charter that won’t cost too much is to find one that provides fuel-saving programs and quality services for customers.

7 Things to Know About Private Charter Flights from a New York Airport

People are attracted to charter jets because they are fast, convenient, and private. However, before you book your next flight, here are 7 essential things you need to know. 

1. Understanding the Cost

The total cost of a charter flight is determined individually. This means that you’re paying for the total cost of your flight. Base rates are often charged hourly and most companies require you to be flying for a minimum of two hours.

The costs you need to consider are:

  • Operating expenses of the plane. For example, the fuel, maintenance, the staff’s salaries, and the depreciation of the plane.
  • Overnight charges of the plane. This means the cost to hanger the aircraft and house your flight crew on multiday trips. 
  • Taxes and additional fees incurred. For example, federal excise taxes and airport landing fees.
  • Surcharges for the plane, such as additional expenses for excess fuel.

The best way to work out the cost of your travels is to provide as many details about your travel plans as possible. This will help your provider create a flight plan that is accurate and won’t incur additional costs.

2. Safety Comes First

Your safety is important and you want to be sure you’re flying with a charter jet operator that recognizes this. Do some research into the safety audits and training of your chosen charter before using them.

We recommend using the Aviation Research Group or Wyvern LTD, both are independent research firms. Before scheduling a flight, make sure that your charter jet service is associated with either one or both of the firms. 

3. Choose an Aircraft to Suit Your Needs

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to aircrafts. However, the more features on the aircraft, the more it will cost.

If you’re only doing a short-haul flight, you might consider using an executive turboprop plane. If you want to get somewhere faster and smoother, then you might consider using a jet, but they do cost more. 

There are also aircrafts which offer lavatories and galleries, and cargo space. However, both of these features cost more to operate. 

The best way to choose an aircraft is to work out the logistics of your flight, including how many people are going on it, where you’re going to, and how much your budget is.

4. Arrive When You’re About to Leave

Unlike commercial flights, you don’t need to arrive 2-3 hours early because there isn’t a big check-in process. Charter jet companies also work in smaller airports which means there’s less air traffic.

Your pilot might check your passport of ID and luggage, but these are easy formalities which won’t take long. It’s that simple, you can get to the airport on time and the plane will take off a few minutes later. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Look Around and Ask Questions

Shop around for different prices and options to find the best deal for you. Prices can vary depending on many different factors, so if you want a jet at a certain price with all the features but one company doesn’t offer it, then have a look at other companies. 

It’s also a good idea to ask your flight charter operator anything that you’re unsure of. Their customer service team will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about your flight. For example, if you want to make another stop off, just ask if you can update your flight plan.

Start Your Private Charter Flights

Now that you’ve found out more about how charter flights work and what they entail you can find your next flight now. Fly in style with private charter flights and enjoy more of a luxurious way to travel. 

Contact us now to plan your next flight or to find out more about our aircraft sales. 


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