Available FBO Services

Available FBO Services

Welcome to Republic Jet Center FBO

As your aircraft arrives on our ramp, imagine viewing an impressive state-of-the-art private terminal along with a representative waiting on the tarmac to greet your party and oversee your requests. Immediately you’ll realize that Republic Jet Center FBO is far more than a cut above other FBOs, one that provides all-inclusive aircraft services along with a broad array of amenities for both passengers and crew. For private aircraft travelers, a pitstop or layover used to signal significant downtime. However, at Republic Jet Center, the wait for their plane to refuel or to be serviced (at our FAA Part 145 repair station located on site) becomes an opportunity to relax, sightsee at one of the area’s many attractions, or enjoy a sumptuous dining experience all while their aircraft is prepared for the next leg of your journey. Whether refueling or waiting for aircraft maintenance to be performed, Republic Jet Center provides viable options for recreation or for business travelers who envision maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. This vision has been fully-realized in the new Republic Jet Center FBO.

Expansive Services Offered

Located at Republic Airport (KFRG) in Farmingdale, New York, Republic Jet Center is proud to be affiliated with the prestigious international Signature Flight Support™ Network. Signature clients are welcome to fully enjoy the benefits of their membership with Signature TailWins® and other rewards programs. Program benefits include line priority access to services to streamline any wait time while their aircraft is serviced.

Signature members may also take advantage and reserve our competitively priced helicopter to visit virtually any location in the Northeast. At Republic Jet Center, we believe that both operators and their passengers will enjoy visiting our exciting new facility and experience the superb concierge and aircraft services, plush surroundings and other deluxe offerings we are honored to provide for our discerning clientele.

To arrange your next flight to Republic Jet Center FBO, or reserve a ride in our helicopter, please contact our client service representatives at (631) 881-9520.

Aircraft Equipment and Services Available

  • GPU
  • Aircraft Oil available
  • Aircraft parts available
  • Tug up to 125,000 lbs.
  • Lift services including use of a forklift for loading.
  • Airstairs
  • A potable water cart
  • Lav cart services
  • Full-aircraft deicing services and equipment
  • Baggage cart