Affordable Luxury: Why Private Jets Are More Affordable Than You Think

Why Private Jets Are More Affordable Than You Think

When looking at affordability, private jet rentals are more affordable than you think. Here is why you should book a flight now.

Nobody is going to tell you that hiring a private jet is cheap. That’s because air travel isn’t cheap. The average cost of a corporate ticket for domestic air travel in the USA exceeds $509 per flight.

What we can tell you is that if you’re in the air for more than 240 hours a year, a private jet rental is more affordable than you think.

Here’s why.

It All Adds Up

When you choose to fly with a commercial carrier for your important business trip, you’re not only paying for the flight.

In fact, airfare only makes up 34% of business travel costs. The rest comprises accommodation and land transfers, not to mention the unquantifiable cost of your time.

If you’re traveling a less popular route for business, chances are you’re going to have a hard time finding a flight that lands at exactly the right time for your 9 o’clock meeting.

That means, depending on the flights you can get, you’ll need to stay over for a day or two before and after your meeting. Apart from the inconvenience, this kind of thing can wreak havoc with your scheduling. 

You’d have to cancel all your other appointments. You’d also lose touch with the daily operation of your business during that time, which could mean lost opportunities.

In short, the cost of a domestic flight often comes in much higher than what you paid for the ticket. If you generally make a lot of money on business trips, the cost of a private flight is minimal compared to the rewards.

Private Jet Rental vs Owning a Jet

Not everybody can afford to buy a private jet and pay for its upkeep.  Some of the related costs are salaries, maintenance, and hangarage for your jet, which all adds up.

If you’d like the luxury of owning a jet without having to bear the costs alone, fractional or partial jet ownership is another option.

These options allow you enough access to suit your needs while splitting the costs and hassle of upkeep between all the owners. 


You might not be able to afford to own a private jet or even a piece of one, but it will surprise you how many people can afford to hire a jet when needed. The secret is in sharing.

Since private charter companies have fewer customers than the major airlines, they’ve had to come up with some innovative ideas lately to fill their seats.

Empty Legs

Thanks to the scarcity of charter travelers, it happens that private jets return to base empty after a one-way flight. 

To recoup some of their costs, charter companies offer these ’empty leg’ flights at a hugely discounted rate. Sometimes for as little as $50 more than the average commercial flight.

Whether that’s worth it for you depends on timing once again. If there are flights available that could save you renting accommodation for a day or more, hiring a private jet is going to be the cheaper option. 

Ride Sharing

By hopping on the Uber bandwagon, charter platforms are able to offer much cheaper flights than ever before. 

How much is a private jet flight with these small operators? A flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas can cost as little as $59.

How it works is that private aircraft owners and private pilots agree to use their skills and assets to ferry people around the country. Instead of the aircraft sitting in hangars gathering dust, they’re earning money for their owners. 

While the jury is still debating the nitty-gritty fine print surrounding the legalities of this service, the fact remains that it’s cheaper to fly this way. In most instances, it’s much cheaper and faster than driving too. 

By pooling their resources, both private plane owners and private pilots are able to earn extra income while saving the general public money. 

Put it On Your Card

Another option for those who need the flexibility of private jet travel is a travel club. These innovations allow you to buy an annual membership to a private jet club.

You choose what type of membership you need, based on the type of aircraft, on-board facilities and the number of flights you want. Then, you pay an annual membership fee in advance which allows you access to a private plane as needed.  

This kind of bulk purchase is a cost-effective choice for those who have a good idea of how many times a year they’ll need to fly. 

Little Luxuries

It’s no secret that charter jets offer many comforts in the air, but can they compare once you hit the ground? You might be sipping champagne in a leather-upholstered recliner while in transit, but you could end up with a long lonely trudge from the hangar when you land. 

Thanks to FBOs at airports all over the country, private jet hire companies can offer their clients an all-the-bells-and-whistles experience without the huge initial outlay.

Private charter companies work with these FBOs to offer passengers luxurious waiting areas between flights. Some of the facilities provided include snacks, meals, comfortable lounges, a shuttle service, movie theatres, and concierge services.

These perks are all free for the passengers to enjoy.  

Any aircraft operator can hire these services for the use of their passengers. So, there’s no need to worry about missing out on your business class lounge privileges when you charter a jet. 

More About the Jet Life

If you’re a prospective passenger, selecting your flight based on what you get when you land adds the final touch to your experience.

As a charter owner, you can ensure your passengers receive the very best in service by making use of an FBO on the ground.  

Keep reading our blog for more about the luxury and convenience of private jet rental.  

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Five Star Service: Why Private Jets Are The Only Way to Travel

When making your travel plans here are some undeniable reasons why private jet travel is the only way to go.

Looking for the best way to travel?

Frequent air travel is a must nowadays. This is because a lot of businesses operate in various locations, including across the global marketplace. It is also important that some meetings are conducted in person and onsite, versus a video conference. When traveling, some executives may find that the most common solution is to book multiple flights in a single day. This can be stressful and complicated. Delays, security, and other items out of your control can cost you potential business opportunities if they arise at the wrong time.

It’s why many executives and businesses are opting to fly via private jet instead! Private Jet travel is back on the rise and is a  more efficient and effective way to get to where you need to go. Read on to learn more about how private jets are the only way to travel.

1. Less Wait Time Before Flying

Nothing defines commercial airlines like delays. Most people complain about unexpected delays that hit their flight. Depending on the purpose of your travel, this can be the worst thing to happen to you.

When you travel via private jets, though, you won’t experience this problem. This is because of the FBO experience that comes with jet travel.

The experience begins when you enter their establishment. You won’t find “gate” like when flying commercial airlines. Most people often get lost in airports they’re unfamiliar with.

You also need not wait for TSA to check your baggage. This often causes the most delays because of the number of people they need to screen. Dedicated staff will check your luggage as soon as you reach their front desk.

This will save you a lot of time and will get your onboard as soon as possible. Your experience will be to arrive at the FBO, be escorted onto the “ramp” where you exit your vehicle and walk out onto your awaiting flight. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. 

2. Faster Flights than Commercial Airlines

The best reason to use private jets to travel is to get to your destination faster. This is because private jets don’t have a specific route tying them down nor are they waiting to board a hundred other passengers. Once you or you’re team is on board, your pilot will be taxiing to the runway. 

Being smaller and lighter means they don’t consume as much fuel as commercial airplanes do. This means they need not settle down in another place to refuel if your destination is close enough. It’s often mandatory for airlines to do this because of their size.

Private jets also climb higher faster than commercial airlines do. This means there’s less traffic for them to deal with. This will also make your trip less troublesome along the way.

3. Cheaper Costs

Most people believe that air travel via private jets is more expensive. The whole concept justifies this line of thinking. This then leads them to fly via commercial airlines to save money.

What they don’t know is that there may be a time/value component that needs to be looked at to travel via private jets. This will depend on the company and the traveling situation. The best case is if you’re traveling with a group of people.

Commercial airlines will charge you per head. The total cost of the group can cost more than what you’d spend on a private jet.

Private jet companies have a fixed rate that depends on the distance of the trip. Having enough people can make the trip a steal, especially when the time / value component is estimated. Nothing can steal productivity faster from your company than a poorly thought out commercial airline. 

4. Better for the Environment and the Economy

There’s a big stigma surrounding private airlines. People often say that they’re among the leading causes of global warming. They may solve the problem, instead.

Private jets are greener than some might think because of their efficiency. Their small size means they’re more efficient with fuel consumption. They leave a smaller carbon footprint in 2 trips than a commercial flight does in 1.

Private airlines also create more job opportunities for everyone. This ensures that everyone contributes to the economy and help keep money circulating. This helps the economy in your country be better and healthier for everyone else.

5. Less Stressful When You’re Onboard

What people dread most during a flight is someone who doesn’t follow basic travel etiquette. This often means that children are running around on board, causing chaos. You need not worry about any of that during your flight in a private jet.

You’ll experience the ultimate luxury and comfort during your flight, instead. That’s the beauty of traveling alone or with people you know. You can do whatever your group desires for entertainment as long as it doesn’t damage the plane.

You can also take this time to work on important matters. A calm environment can also help you improve your productivity during the flight.

6. More Flexible Time Tables

Another great thing about private airlines is the flexibility it offers you. You have control over your time-table when you rent a jet. This means that you need not worry about any random delays when you reach the establishment.

Companies will always have a jet available for you for the time you’ve booked. You also have control over the aircraft to suit your needs. You have a choice to make between business or social aircraft.

You can even change destinations even during the flight. This is a useful fact to know when you have sudden changes in your plans. You can even have them land in a smaller airport if it’s closer to your

7. Impeccable Cuisine During Your Flight

Airlines always have people holding their breath for their food. It’s always hit or miss depending on the airline company. Private airlines will always have amazing food, though.

The most common cause for bad airline food is the number of people the chefs have to cook for. This can cause them to rush, leading to undercooked food.

When you’re in a private jet, though, there are fewer people for the chef to worry about. This means they have more time to prepare ingredients, cook the food, and be amazing with the plating.

Experience Private Jet Travel Today

Jet travel is a great way to get around to where you need to go. Read about the benefits of private airlines and book a flight today!

Looking to book a private flight today? Contact us here and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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Flying Privately: The Benefits for Business Travel

Flying privately may not be the cheapest option, but the benefits for business travelers can outweigh the costs. We take a look at the time/value proposition.

Thinking about flying privately for your next business trip? You don’t have to own a corporate jet or make millions to afford private air travel. Private planes are more affordable than you think. 

Even if you pay more than you would when flying commercially, the higher cost is often worth it for the benefits you get. 

Keep reading to consider why your next work trip should be on a private plane.

Greater Scheduling Flexibility

When you fly commercially, you’re limited to the scheduled flights on a given day. If you’re flying during the off-season or to smaller airports with fewer flights, your options are likely limited. 

If you have layovers, you don’t often have a choice in where they are or how long they last. You could spend several hours at an airport due to a lengthy layover. 

Booking a private plane lets you choose the departure time. Instead of leaving at 5 AM when you don’t have a meeting until that evening, you can leave in the afternoon and arrive shortly before your meetings start.

You also have more flexibility for airport locations. Private planes can fly into much smaller airports, which can get you closer to your business meeting destination. Instead of landing at the nearest major airport and driving to a smaller town, you may be able to get a lot closer via jet to save you time.

Time Savings

Flying private saves you time throughout your traveling process. You may be able to schedule your flights so you can get home sooner than you would commercially. You may be able to avoid an overnight hotel stay because you can schedule your flight to get home the night before.

The check-in process is also faster. You have a private security line so you don’t have to wait in long screening lines. 

For a commercial flight, you’ll need to arrive at least 90 minutes to two hours before the flight. If you’re traveling at a peak time at a busy airport, you may need to get there even earlier.

When you fly private, you can arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the departure time. That saves you time on your travel day and means you’ll spend less time in airports.

The fixed-base operator (FBO) at the airport is where you’ll the hub where private jet services are provided. Here, you’ll have access to a private lounge where you can wait until your flight departs. You may have access to refreshments and other amenities through the FBO. 

When you arrive at your destination airport, you don’t have to wait for your luggage to reach the baggage claim area. The private jet staff gets your bags for you quickly so you get out of the airport faster.

No Missed Flights

If you’re running late to the airport for a commercial flight, don’t expect them to hold the plane for you. You’ll likely have to rebook your trip on a later flight, possibly even the next day.

You also run the risk of getting bumped from a flight due to overbooking. While it’s rare, it happens sometimes and could throw off your business meeting schedule.

If you fly privately, you have more flexibility in departure times. The jet will wait for you to arrive. Check the company’s policy to see if they automatically cancel a flight at a certain point, such as one hour past the departure time.

Greater Comfort

Commercial airlines aren’t known for their comfortable seats, especially if you’re flying coach. Private jets often have much more plush accommodations. You won’t have to worry about dealing with cramped quarters or lack of legroom.

Soft, comfortable seats with full reclining options let you fly in comfort and actually get sleep. Some private jets have beds available to passengers. This can help you arrive at your business meetings refreshed and ready to work instead of exhausted from a day of uncomfortable travel.


Tired of your seatmate looking over your shoulder while you try to work on the plane? You can’t control who’s around you in the airport or on a commercial flight. This makes it difficult to maintain your privacy and control the confidentiality of work files you might use while you travel.

Private jet travel lets you control who flies with you. You can have your business associates fly with you, or you can fly solo so you have complete privacy.

Working Opportunities

The privacy and space on a private jet make it easier for you to work while you travel. You can use your laptop comfortably on the flight. You can spread out other materials without worrying about them getting lost or seen by other people.

Multi-Destination Trips

If your work travel plans involve multiple cities, booking flights can get complicated and pricey. You may have difficulty finding flight times that work well for creating a multi-leg trip using commercial flights.

If you’re traveling between smaller airports, your flight options may be even more limited. You may not be able to find a direct flight, which makes your multi-leg trip even longer with extra layovers.

With a private jet, you can go exactly where you need to go. Since the scheduling is flexible, you’re not limited to only the commercial flights available between the cities. You can fly directly between two cities that don’t have any nonstop commercial flights between them, which can make your trip easier.

Fewer Restrictions

The FAA restrictions significantly limit what you can carry on to a commercial flight. You can’t carry on baseball bats or golf clubs.

On private flights, the restrictions are a lot looser on those items. That means the items you would otherwise have to check on a commercial flight can go with you in the cabin of a private plane.

You may even be able to bring your pet along with you in the cabin depending on the private jet company’s rules.

When flying privately, you’re in charge of the trip. Instead of following all of the restrictive guidelines from the airline, you get to decide how you travel.

Flying Privately for Business

If you travel frequently for business, flying privately can be a worthwhile investment. You increase your security, privacy, and comfort all while potentially saving a lot of time and stress on your flights.

If your private business travel takes you through Farmingdale, New York, check out our facilities and services to see if it’s a good stop for you.

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The FBO Experience: What to Expect from an FBO

Fixed Base Operators have an important role in the business aviation industry. Learn more about what to expect from the FBO experience.

It happens every time. You rush to the airport to get to your plane on time only to have to wait, forever, for TSA.

Can’t they speed it up just this once?

You finally make it to your plane and there you are again waiting in the lobby.

Kids scream. Parents scream after them. You weep silently in your uncomfortable seat. 

The whole scenario is a nightmare. 

Finally, you hear an announcement for your plane and lo and behold, it’s delayed. There’s got to be a better way than flying commercial, right?

Yes, there is. It’s called a Fixed Base Operator. Read on and we’ll tell you all about the FBO experience.

You’ll never fly commercial again. 

What Is an FBO? 

An FBO or Fixed Base Operator is a private airport terminal. They are often located on the grounds of a larger commercial airport. Aviators who don’t have their own hangar to operate out of often choose to operate out of an FBO. This is because an FBO can offer specialized services to both crew and passengers they could never get from a commercial liner. 

How Quick Are the Security Checks? 

You still have to go through security and customs when traveling with an FBO, but the process is much faster. FBOs don’t have as much traffic as commercial airlines, so they are able to dedicate more of their attention to the needs of the individual. This means they can do more efficient security and customs checks without sacrificing attention to detail. The average wait time for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checks is about 30 minutes. The same checks take an FBO a fraction of the time. 

What About My Security? 

Just because you get through security quicker does not mean an FBO is less secure than a typical airport.

For starters, the TSA has outlined minimum security requirements that all FBOs must meet. 

Because the security of their clientele is of the utmost importance, many FBOs surpass these requirements. Many have 24-7 on-site security complete with surveillance cameras. Your luggage is always under the watchful eye of an attendant until it gets secured on the plane. 

If you prefer, some FBOs will allow you to put your luggage on the plane yourself. Despite the high levels of security, be vigilant of your baggage before it gets checked. No one wants any unexpected surprises while going through customs because someone put something extra in your bags. 

Is Customer Service Better? 

FBOs tend to have superior customer service because they can offer personalized service. Not only that, they like to pamper the crew. Many FBOs offer courtesy cars to the crew, catering and even provide flight planning centers for the pilots.This means that when the crew gets on board they are well-rested and stress-free. A happy crew is more likely to return the favor and give you the best flight experience possible. 

What If I Do Have to Wait? 

Maybe you got there early and the plane hasn’t arrived yet.

Perhaps some unforeseen circumstances kept the plane from arriving on time. Whatever the case, sometimes you have to wait.

Don’t fret. If you’re taking off from an FBO, it’ll be one of the most pleasant waiting experiences of your life.

FBOs go to great lengths to keep passengers comfortable and well entertained. Many FBO lobbies have lounge chairs, big-screen TV’s, Wi-Fi access and work stations.

In most cases, you won’t even have to worry about food. Drinks and food are often provided to you so you don’t have to go hunt it down yourself. 

As a general rule, you won’t even have time to enjoy the luxurious lobbies. It isn’t uncommon to get ushered directly from the security checkpoint to the plane. 

What Are the Other Amenities and Services Offered? 

As the demand for private aviation grows, so too does the variety of amenities offered by FBOs.

Concierge Services

Having a concierge service at an FBO is like having your own personal assistant. The attendant can help you book hotels, make dinner reservations and finalize travel arrangements. 

Conference Rooms

Need a quiet place to hold a business meeting before you take off or after you land? Many FBOs come equipped with the perfect space for your conference so you can attend to business even when you’re on the move.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Don’t worry about hailing a taxi. Your FBO may have a complimentary shuttle service that can take you to your hotel or wherever you need to be. They won’t even charge you for it. It’s all part of your FBO experience. 

On-Site Bars, Cafe’s, Hotels and More

The most luxurious FBOs can cater to your every whim. They have on-site bars to take the edge off, cafe’s for a shot of caffeine and hotels for a comfortable night’s sleep.  There are even some FBOs with a built-in theater room so you can relax and catch a movie before your flight. 

You can read more about the advantages of private flight in this article. 

Ready for Your FBO Experience? 

Now that you know more about what to expect from your first FBO experience, it’s time to take a closer look at your options. Republic Jet Center is the premier FBO in New York. 

Our express service can get you from the KFRG airport to Manhattan in 14 minutes via helicopter. Our services are available with aggressive value pricing or free Luxury SUV transfer. You’ll never have to worry about Air Traffic control delays again. 

For more information about the available services at our FBO, check out the press release

When you’re ready, you can make your reservation online with ease. We look forward to serving you soon! 

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FARMINGDALE, NY – November 18, 2019 – Republic Jet Center, the fastest growing aviation campus at Republic Airport and Prime Jet announced their new innovative travel and pricing solution, New York Express service from Farmingdale. The service promises to solve one of the largest pain points of private aviation: access to New York City.  Prime Jet LLC, is now offering customers the following New York Expresspackages – Fly your New York City Gulfstream Charters with Prime Jet into or out of Republic Jet Center (FRG) at Republic Airport and we will include a private 6 passenger Sikorsky S-76 helicopter transfer from/to downtown Manhattan at a value priced $1,900.  As an alternative, the program can save you $500 cash and provide a complimentary Luxury SUV transfer. You decide what’s most important – your time or your money!

Cheryl Janke, CEO of Prime Jet explains, “Our customers primarily choose to fly private to save time and for its convenience.  With that, we are thrilled to team up with Republic Jet Center to offer this extraordinary luxury service experience and value proposition.  It’s highly frustrating for passengers to not know what kind of ATC delays both inbound and outbound they are going to face when traveling into highly congested airports like Teterboro, New Jersey.  This is an opportunity to provide an option to take away the stress of those unknowns for passengers.  In addition, we also have an opportunity to provide our customers a cost savings.  That’s a huge win-win proposition!”

The Sikorsky S-76 is a dual pilot, Twin Turbine Engine, six to eight passenger executive luxury helicopter that will fly you in style to one of three downtown Manhattan heliports in just 14 minutes from the Republic Jet Center at FRG airport.

 “Working with Cheryl and her team at Prime Jet is incredibly exciting.  At Republic Jet Center, we pride ourselves on a luxury brand service experience and know that helicopters are a fabulous business tool just like private jets.  The accessibility of helicopters in New York City is a real game changer for passengers looking for a stress-free solution to navigating the typical New York airport congestion and higher costs.  Partnering with Prime Jet to share this innovative charter solution is going to meet a tangible need in the industry.” says Jeremy Epperson, President of Republic Jet Center.

The Republic Jet Center aviation campus is currently comprised of two private FBO terminals complete with state-of-the-art services and amenities, with approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of hangar and office space.  Its incredible growth trajectory has been spurred by savvy private jet operators and travelers who want to avoid other New York airports that have highly unpredictable and congested air space, as well as significantly higher fuel, hangar and operating costs.

About Republic Jet Center

Republic Jet Center,  headquartered at (KFRG) Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York is a luxury brand aviation operator at Republic Airport and member of Signature Flight Support’s, Signature Select FBO program offering Signature TailWins rewards and Signature Status loyalty Signature network benefits. The aviation campus is currently comprised of two private FBO terminals complete with state-of-the-art services and amenities, with approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of hangar and office space.  There are additional expansion projects planned that include a brand new FBO facility and additional hangars.  Republic Jet Center offers an FAA Part 145 Repair Station at its facility.  The repair station performs maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) on most modern aircraft—along with non-destructive testing (NDT), avionics installation and repair, interior installation and refurbishment. In addition, as part of their Mobile Services Team, they provide aircraft-on ground (AOG) service.

For more information contact Jeremy Epperson, President at 818.917.9243 or via email: jepperson@republicjetcenter.com

About Prime Jet

Prime Jet established in 2002, is a privately held aviation charter/management company operating a fleet of 15 Gulfstream both privately and for charter. Prime Jet has over 70,000 dispatched hours in operating Gulfstream aircraft on a global scale. Our success is based on exceptional industry knowledge and expertise to include extensive experience operating aircraft on a worldwide platform. Our operating model sets us apart from our competition through in-house management of all international handling which maximizes security and cost effectiveness for our clients. A 24/7 operation with staff based in the USA and Asia allow us to “think locally & act globally. Prime Jet’s ownership is actively involved in daily operations contributing vastly different expertise. Prime Jet has the highest safety audit ratings available, Wyvern Wingman, ARG/US Platinum and is IS-BAO Stage II. 

For more information contact Andrew Gulsrud, Chief Operating Officer at 303.792.2374 or via email: andrew@primejets.com

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How To Pick The Right FBO For Your Business

If you are a private or charter plane owner you’ll understand just how important a fixed base operator is to the success of your business. 

Without an FBO, your business would be devoid of essential services that both you and your customers rely on when you come into land. But what makes the difference between a truly reliable base service operator that keeps you coming back, time and time again? 

This blog outlines exactly what you should look for when choosing an operator base that suits both you and your clients. 

A Brief History of Fixed Base Operators 

An FBO provides essential ground services for both private and charter airline operations across the globe. 

The term FBO originated in the U.S., close to the end of the First World War. During this time, the aviation industry was largely unregulated. This meant that ex-military personal, also known as barnstormers or transient pilots, operated flights for civil aviation and charter flights. 

In the early 1900s, airports were also very few and far between. Essentially, the ground services we use today to regulate flight operations were non-existent. And while the use of ex-military transient pilots was an ingenious idea at the time, it was not a long-term solution. 

After U.S. legislation was passed in 1926 introducing the Air Commerce Act, this gave rise to the fixed base operator. 

What Exactly Does an FBO Provide? 

In short, an FBO ensures the smooth operation of both charter and private aircraft operations at an airport. A fixed base provides services and amenities such as:

  • A Safe and reliable location to park your aircraft
  • Many provide hangar services
  • A hassle free, convenient location with access to destinations for busy passengers
  • customer services
  • Aircraft refueling
  • Food and refreshments
  • Ground transport service
  • Crew amenities
  • Aircraft servicing and maintenance 

When it comes to choosing the ideal FBO for your private or charter plane business, it’s important to consider what they offer based on the above. 

How to Choose an FBO for Your Business 

Across the United States, there are more than 3,000 FBOs that offer general aviation and ground-support services. Most first and second-tier airports offer more than one FBO facility, and some even offer up to 6 different bases. 

With this much choice at your disposal, how do you go about choosing the best one? Here are some of the top considerations to keep in mind: 

1. Top-Notch Customer Service 

If you asked any private or charter aircraft operator and their staff, they’d probably highlight customer services as a priority. 

Even if a certain FBO does not have the most modern or up-to-date facilities, customer service tends to trump this. Great customer service to pilots, aircraft crew and customers, most especially, should always be a strong draw-card. 

FBO facility managers should also understand this and offer customer service courses to all their employees. Essentially, FBO facility managers should carry the attitude that they’ll do ”whatever it takes” for their customers. 

Look for an FBO service that makes world-class customer service their top priority and you’ll always have a satisfied customer base. 

2. Decent Fuel Prices and Deals   

The price of aircraft fuel can vary widely from airport to the next, and even one FBO to the next. If you need to get a good idea of current fuel prices, do your research on sites such as airnav.com and acukwik.com before you commit to an FBO. 

It’s important to look for an FBO that offers you ”bang-for-your-buck”. You should get what you pay for. If you are willing to pay a little more for higher-quality fuel, this is often subsidized with additional services. 

If an FBO offers rebates or waivers on certain fees depending on the amount of fuel you purchase, this is also a win. Today, businesses also have the chance to enter into FBO loyalty programs and accrue points in exchange for merchandise.

3. Up-to-Date Passenger and Aircraft Amenities 

It’s important to look for an FBO that offers amenities that will elevate your customer’s overall flight experience. 

This means you should opt for a base that offers a framework roofing adjacent to the terminal for shelter when passengers disembark. Look for a well-equipped arrivals lounge and high-speed Wi-Fi services. 

Many passengers may be traveling for business purposes. So, look for an FBO that offers business amenities such as conference rooms, media equipment, and private chauffeur services. 

Finally, make sure the FBO you choose offers adequate aircraft storage in either a hangar or on a ramp. 

4. High-Quality Refreshments  

Ensure an FBO offers high-quality refreshments in terms of complimentary coffee, freshly baked goods and other snacks. Even better, an FBO that offers a restaurant with table service will make all the difference. 

Look for an FBO that also offers in-flight catering services or can assist in ordering your catering, where possible.  

5. Decent Crew Amenities 

It’s a common reality that the aircraft crew spends more time at an FBO facility that the passengers. This is why it’s so important to find an FBO that caters to this. 

Look for a facility that offers a flight-planning room, equipped with computers and weather reporting technology. Private pilot lounges and snooze rooms are also advisable in case the crew needs to catch up on their sleep before another flight. 

Games rooms, crew kitchens, exercise rooms, and crew cars are also an added bonus.

6. Aircraft Servicing and Maintenance

Finally and also most importantly, an FBO must offer a number of essential aircraft services. This could range from emptying in-flight lavatories, refilling water tanks, and cleaning and refilling fuel tanks. 

Access to maintenance services is also important. This could include anything from minor to major repairs in order to keep an aircraft in safe operating condition. If this is not offered by their own personnel, they should at least offer these services via a tenant operation. 

World-Class FBO Facilities with Republic Jet Center 

At Republic Jet Center we offer full-service Signature Select FBO amenities and an unmatched level of customer service to the luxury jet industry. 

If you’re looking for a world-class FBO with convenient access to New York City, we welcome all operators and owners to our excellent facility. 

Learn more about our plethora of services and amenities today.

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Private Charter Airplane Window

5 Things To Know About Private Charter Flights From A New York Airport

Did you know that the US makes up 49.7% of the world market for private jets? With Europe making up 20.8%, the Asia Pacific making up 11.8%, Latin and South America making up 11.6%, and Africa and the Middle East making up 6.1%. 

If you’re thinking about embarking on your private charter flights, check out everything you need to know before you book your charter jet out of New York. 

What is a Private Charter Flight?

A private plane charter is a flight that is unscheduled and not part of a regular airline route. A private charter flight allows you to rent an entire aircraft and choose where you depart from and arrive at and what time. 

Charter flights are a more convenient way of traveling to a city, especially if other airlines have multiple connections or layovers which don’t suit your travel needs.

The main advantage of a private flight is that you get more privacy. Commercial flights mean that you have to share the plane with many other customers and go through a long security process. Whereas, private flights can depart from a private facility which is known as a Fixed Based Operator (FBO).  

There are more private airports in the US than public ones. There are 5,092 public airports and 14,530 private airports, so you have more choice of where you want to go from and to. 

How Much to Charter a Plane?

Despite what you might think, private jet charter pricing isn’t that expensive. The average starting price to hire a chartered jet is about $6,000. However, this is subject to change depending on a variety of factors.

Some factors that might change the price of a chartered plane include high winds, traffic, delays, and destinations. 

A good way to find a high-quality private jet charter that won’t cost too much is to find one that provides fuel-saving programs and quality services for customers.

7 Things to Know About Private Charter Flights from a New York Airport

People are attracted to charter jets because they are fast, convenient, and private. However, before you book your next flight, here are 7 essential things you need to know. 

1. Understanding the Cost

The total cost of a charter flight is determined individually. This means that you’re paying for the total cost of your flight. Base rates are often charged hourly and most companies require you to be flying for a minimum of two hours.

The costs you need to consider are:

  • Operating expenses of the plane. For example, the fuel, maintenance, the staff’s salaries, and the depreciation of the plane.
  • Overnight charges of the plane. This means the cost to hanger the aircraft and house your flight crew on multiday trips. 
  • Taxes and additional fees incurred. For example, federal excise taxes and airport landing fees.
  • Surcharges for the plane, such as additional expenses for excess fuel.

The best way to work out the cost of your travels is to provide as many details about your travel plans as possible. This will help your provider create a flight plan that is accurate and won’t incur additional costs.

2. Safety Comes First

Your safety is important and you want to be sure you’re flying with a charter jet operator that recognizes this. Do some research into the safety audits and training of your chosen charter before using them.

We recommend using the Aviation Research Group or Wyvern LTD, both are independent research firms. Before scheduling a flight, make sure that your charter jet service is associated with either one or both of the firms. 

3. Choose an Aircraft to Suit Your Needs

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to aircrafts. However, the more features on the aircraft, the more it will cost.

If you’re only doing a short-haul flight, you might consider using an executive turboprop plane. If you want to get somewhere faster and smoother, then you might consider using a jet, but they do cost more. 

There are also aircrafts which offer lavatories and galleries, and cargo space. However, both of these features cost more to operate. 

The best way to choose an aircraft is to work out the logistics of your flight, including how many people are going on it, where you’re going to, and how much your budget is.

4. Arrive When You’re About to Leave

Unlike commercial flights, you don’t need to arrive 2-3 hours early because there isn’t a big check-in process. Charter jet companies also work in smaller airports which means there’s less air traffic.

Your pilot might check your passport of ID and luggage, but these are easy formalities which won’t take long. It’s that simple, you can get to the airport on time and the plane will take off a few minutes later. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Look Around and Ask Questions

Shop around for different prices and options to find the best deal for you. Prices can vary depending on many different factors, so if you want a jet at a certain price with all the features but one company doesn’t offer it, then have a look at other companies. 

It’s also a good idea to ask your flight charter operator anything that you’re unsure of. Their customer service team will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about your flight. For example, if you want to make another stop off, just ask if you can update your flight plan.

Start Your Private Charter Flights

Now that you’ve found out more about how charter flights work and what they entail you can find your next flight now. Fly in style with private charter flights and enjoy more of a luxurious way to travel. 

Contact us now to plan your next flight or to find out more about our aircraft sales. 

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FBO Private Planes Parked

Why Our Customers Love Flying Private!

This guide explores why our customers love flying private. From the experience to the service, learn why they choose private and why they love our FBO.

Are you a frequent traveler? Chances are you’ve had your fill of commercial airports. 

If you’re never flown on a private flight before, we’ll introduce you to many of the top reasons our customers love the private jet experience. If you’re already an experienced private flight traveler, you’re likely to recognize many of these unique benefits.

Read on to learn more about flying private and why our customers find it to be as essential as it is luxurious.

Skip the Long TSA Line

Running short on time? We understand. One of the best benefits of private flights is the amount of time you’ll save at the airport.

TSA can be a necessary inconvenience when traveling commercially, but you won’t find long lines awaiting you when you travel private. Similarly, you also won’t find yourself arriving at the airport hours early just to ensure that your checked luggage can be loaded onto your flight.

Flying Private to Remote Locations

Flying private means you’ll have far more say in where your flight meets you and where it lands. Private flights have the ability to fly in and out of far more airports than conventional commercial airliners.

This means you’ll also save time when arriving at your destination. You can ensure that your journey from the airport to your final destination is as short and efficient as possible.

Traveling for vacation? Your time is still money. We’ll ensure that you get the most from your free time with minimal time spent at the airport. Flying into more remote locations can make your free time even more valuable.

If your travel plans include a trip on a yacht, for example, the wider array of airports available to those on private flights will make your travel itinerary a breeze.

Running Late? We’ll Wait

Sometimes, life happens. Rather it’s an unexpected event or a conference that goes longer than expected, sometimes it’s impossible to stay on schedule.

Unlike commercial flights, however, private flights offer a valuable edge. If you’re running behind, you won’t have to worry about rescheduling your flight or waiting hours for the next flight to leave.

On private flights, we wait for you. Getting there or getting home has never been easier.

The Uncompromised Privacy of Private Travel

Headed to a secret celebrity wedding or to seal the deal for a top-secret merger? You’ll appreciate the privacy of private travel.

Private flights can also be a great opportunity for in the air meetings that otherwise wouldn’t be possible on commercial flights. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your conversations won’t be overheard by fellow travelers. 

Our flight staff offers a professional and luxurious environment perfect for in the air meetings. You’ll have the confidence of knowing your private dealings will be kept just that.

If you or one of your other fellow travelers is a public figure, you won’t have to worry about dealing with unwanted attention when traveling private. Instead, you’ll be offered the luxury of space and privacy. That’s our promise.

Secure connections don’t just mean arriving safely to your destination. Secure wifi connections offered aboard private jets offers the security and peace of mind you need to get your work done when you’re in the air.

Can You Sleep on a Plane?

While it can be difficult for most commercial travelers to sleep on flights. If you’re traveling private, however, you’ll find it much easier to get some rest when you’re in the air.

This benefit can make all the difference if you find yourself frequently taking overnight flights. Arriving at your destination on time and feeling rested may only be possible when traveling private.

Many private jets offer luxury sleeping accommodations that will give you the chance to get the rest you need while you’re in the air.

Travel in Luxury

Perhaps the most obvious reason many of our clients choose to fly private again and again is for the service and quality of our air travel accommodations. Our passengers know that when flying private they can expect a 5-star experience, from the tarmac to the destination.

Have a special request? Let one of our experienced staff know. We work hard to ensure that your experience is unrivaled.

Save Time, Skip the Layover

Choosing to fly private means you’ll save time. Private jets often fly faster than commercial jumbo jets, getting you to your destination faster than ever.

Add to that the fact that you’ll have the benefit of skipping the hassle and stress of airport connections. 

The Ultimate Choice in Luxury Travel

Regardless of how frequently you travel, flying private makes every flight an experience to be remembered. 5-star service, an experienced staff, and an efficient flight path make flying private an unrivaled experience.

There are many reasons to choose the private jet experience over commercial travel. Ultimately, however, the most important reasons are the ones that make private travel the right choice for you.

Looking to ensure a quiet and controlled environment for your family? We’ll be here to serve. Need a private and secure environment for a meeting on the go? We’ll provide an unrivaled experience.

Whatever your reason, we’ll be sure to bring our A-game. Just like you do.

Let us Make Your Travel Experience Even Easier

Planning your next trip? We’re here to help. 

Speak to the experts at one of our two locations. Our staff has the experience to help you get the most out of flying private. Safe travels.

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The Top 10 Reasons to Use Our FBO

In this guide, discover the benefits of using our FBO. We have the best passenger benefits, experiences and transportation methods available for our customers.

When you’re looking for private, luxurious flight service, a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is key. It provides you with private and charter planes to fly all over the world. But choosing the best FBO for your aircraft or airport takes some strategy.

In 1926 the United States welcomed the Air Commerce Act. This outlined the number of regulations given to pilots, aircraft, and mechanics. In the end, the FBO experience was born once pilots and crew established their fixed bases.

Not many people are aware of their options for airport FBOs. There are also people who aren’t sure about the FBO meaning either. Here you can learn how to find the best FBO and the difference it can make to enjoy your fleet.

1. The History of FBO Matters

The term FBO was born in the United States near the end of the First World War. During that time, civil aviation was an unregulated practice known as the “Barnstormers”. Many ex-military transient pilots, who operated for civil aviation and charter flights went by this name.

Since airports hardly existed in 1918, farmers fields served as airstrips. As these Barnstormers traveled, they offered flights, demonstrations, and airshows. They became a travel tour and a mass transit system at the same time.

Mechanics often traveled with the pilots to keep everything running smoothly. It helped the military surplus create the original aircraft industry. Unfortunately, the nature of pilots, aircraft, and mechanics could not be sustained in the long run.

2. FBO Customer Service is Top Notch

What makes a great FBO experience is the level of customer service, the costs, the associations at other airports, and the expertise and history. One of the major highlights of our FBO aviation is our top-notch customer service. We ensure a smooth operation of private charter flights at airports.

Airports are notoriously busy and more hectic as the day goes on. From day-to-day running to complex coordinating, it’s hard to fulfill a customer’s needs. But an FBO airport can navigate these issues, government regulations, and business requirements.

Our FBO service will provide fueling, food service, and flight crew amenities. You won’t have to worry about a lack of aircraft hangaring or tie-down services. And our repair and overhaul make up for any stressful days you’ve had at the airport.

3. Our Fuel Prices Makes a Difference

The best FBO aviation provides you with refueling options for your plane. Prices usually vary between airports and between operators. We don’t want you to worry about this — we’ll handle the rest.

Our FBO aviation can help you check the most recent fuel prices available. Yet, if you find better FBO prices, bring them to our attention. We can discuss options based on other services, waivers, rebates or loyalty programs.

4. You Will Have the Right Food Service

An FBO airport with a wide array of food options is absolutely necessary.

You and your guests deserve complimentary coffee, snack bars, and even table services. Expect luxury food options to provide you with unique experiences for you and your guests. For any special dietary requests, you can speak with one of our specialists

5. Our Flight Crew Amenities

A happy crew makes for the best FBO experience.

For a smooth operation on your aircraft, the crew needs the option to stay close to an FBO airport during their downtime. We can provide quality services to keep our crew in the best frame of mind in-between long hauls and downtime. You and your guests will be able to interact with a happy and helpful line of staff. 

6. Quality Aircraft Hangaring and Tie-Down Service 

For a safe storage system of your aircraft, take our services into consideration. Airport FBOs need quality storage for both the short and long-term. Our FBO follows local regulations and will ensure that your belongings are safe and secure at all times.

7. Our Aircraft Charter and Management Services

Our priority is to provide aircraft owners with the best management of charter services. ACM is one of the best ways to earn back your ROI without worry. Aircraft owners won’t have to stress over any strict regulations or restrictions to their fleets.

8. Repair and Overhaul You Can Depend On

A full-service FBO airport requires regular maintenance and repairs on aircraft. These are essential to running airport FBOs without putting passengers’ lives at risk. Our FBO has a history of quality maintenance services, so no need to worry about that.

9. Our Affiliate Airports

The best FBO should have associations with other domestic and international airports. Most associations come in the actual business presence and contract agreements with other FBOs. You can expect both from our FBO aviation.

A common route or strategic business outcome can be a huge help. It will guide you towards deciding on which FBO is best for you. More affiliations mean even more options for smooth travels.

10. Our FBO Costs and Fees

Costs always matter and you should consider any overarching schemes of an FBO. You want your FBO agreement to achieve low costs while maintaining quality services. Our FBO blends strategy, quality, and cost-efficiency for each and every customer.

Keep These Tips in Mind

The history of expertise will always matter when deciding on the best FBO for you. In the private aircraft industry, you want to consider every aspect before making any decisions. That way, you can guarantee that you’ll have a smooth operation flight after flight.

Ready for your grand FBO experience? Speak to one of our specialists to discuss your specific requirements or to make a reservation.

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Republic Jet Center Further Enhances Fuel Savings and Quality Services for Customers Flying in and out of Republic Airport

Republic Jet Center Selected as the Only Corporate Aircraft Association Member at Republic Airport

Republic Jet Center, the only Fixed Based Operator (FBO) on Long Island that is part of the Signature Flight Support global network, announced today that it has been selected by the Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) as the only Republic Airport FBO to give customers access to its exclusive fuel savings program and benefits. The Corporate Aircraft Association has an unparalleled reputation for negotiating unbeatable fuel prices for Part 91 operators. This distinction will further enhance Republic Jet Center’s ability to offer the lowest possible retail fuel costs to go along with its high-quality, white glove service.

“We are honored to announce this partnership with CAA,” said Jeremy Epperson, president of Republic Jet Center. “Not only will our association with CAA be a convenient and cost-saving benefit to CAA members, it will also be useful for all operators, owners, and passengers. The benefits we can provide through the CAA association further solidify Republic Jet Center as a recognized industry leader.”

Republic Jet Center was chosen by CAA’s FBO members in a comprehensive voting process. CAA was founded and established on the priority of assisting Part 91 operators succeed in a competitive marketplace. Its goal is to increase the operating efficiencies of its FBO members by combining purchasing power and working with highly respected vendors. CAA members pay a yearly fee per aircraft, and a special fuel price is set up for the members.

Republic Jet Center offers unparalleled aircraft and crew services. These include an on-site Part 145 repair station; a NATA Safety First Certified line crew; hangar and ramp parking; and full de-icing.  In addition, Republic Jet Center features a 100,000-gallon fuel farm that has a generator back-up.

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